By Shirley Busby

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Artwork by Swan_river

As a child do you remember catching
Fire Flies and, hearing the sound
of the ice cream truck off in the

Evenings seemed to pass so quickly
when I was a kid. I remember the
evenings my Mom and Dad would
come out to sit on our porch
swing and watch me run through
the yard catching a few fire flies.

Dad would laugh at me for missing
more than I ever caught.

Even today I can hear the
gentle squeaking of our porch
swing as Mom and Dad would sit
there enjoying those twilight

I still hear my Dad telling Mom,
"I need to oil the chain on this

I smile as I remember Mom saying,"Yes
that would be nice honey."
She knew tomorrow night
he would say the same
thing again but it was
okay, I think all of us
found comfort in the
squeaking of that porch swing

If I had a porch swing today
I'd want it with the squeaks
and all!

Yes, porch swings bring
back many memories, Wonderful
memories when times were slower
and families took joy in the simple
things in life.

Like watching their kids catch
fire flies, peaceful evenings
watching the sun setting behind
the trees, or taking time
to hold hands with their
wife as they talked over
the events of the day.

That porch swing is where
I sat while Mom put
a band-aid on my knee
after I had fall down
trying to learn how to
roller skate.

It was on that swing
where I got my first kiss
just before Dad turned
on the porch light!

True these quiet evenings are
better shared but sometimes we need
to be alone with our thoughts,
our memories, and new
found dreams

Too often we linger on yesterday
and what we should have done and
we miss the most important time
of today and it's blessings!

The innocence of a child
is beautiful, dont let it
slip away.

Hold your children close and laugh
and play with your child today
and they will be more open
with you tomorrow

Listen to your child today
and tomorrow they will
be your best friend.

Come, join me on the porch swing
and find peace in the twlight of
the evening. Let the day come
to a close knowing that
all is well and that
you did your very best.

Isn't that all anyone can
ask of you?

Don't worry about what you
should have done or about
what has to be done
tomorrow. Put today to rest
knowing that good or bad, right
or wrong, today is finished.

Tomorrow is a new day, go out there
and make it your best day ever!

But for now, won't you come join me
on the porch swing, with it's
squeaks and all?


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Feb 27 2000

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