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Song Playing: "Quiet"

The following easy to listen to midis are favorites of mine. (Over 200 selections and counting!) I have used them on my homepages, poem pages, and email. I am constantly adding more as I use them in my work here on the net, and as I receive requests from my listeners. Feel free to use any listed here, but please transload them in order to save bandwidth. Scroll down to bottom of page for instructions for obtaining URLs for songs.

Hint: to go to bottom of page, click on CMD 'scroll'.

Note 1: If song does not come up on first attempt...double-click. And if that still doesn't work for you, please email me, for it may be a "glich" on my end.

Note 2: Also, upcoming song selections can be found at the link here entitled "Coming Soon!". I am still searching out URLs for these, and if you know of a high-quality midi for any of them, please send it on.

Note 3: Song titles in "gold" text are super high-quality midis, and highly recommended! (Best Bets)

Please take the time to sign my guestbook with any comments, suggestions or requests!

Thanks.....and enjoy!

"Dan (aka) OneManBand"

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"Select song title by clicking on the respective first letter of the song in the following table. Titles beginning with "The" should be searched by second word of title..."


Instructions for copying midi URLs:

For computer users, "right" click on song link. Then click on save link in pop-up menu. Save midi in a folder you can find later. For webtvers, go to "options", click on "Show Last", then CMD 'A' to highlight, CMD 'C' to copy, and CMD 'V' to paste while transloading. If you have any questions about transloading or freeloading, drop me a note and I can talk you through it. And, if you cannot find a midi here on my pages, email me, or you can try this or the MIDI search engine at the bottom of this page.

Have a nice day and I hope you enjoyed the midis and my other pages...

Requests for new additions welcome!

There are many favorites of mine that I still have not added for the reason that their respective midis are not of high enough quality for publication on this page. Please, on that note, only submit/request midis of good quality sequencing. I am striving always to maintain one of the best MIDI sites of it's kind on the Web!

Hey! I need some help from my listening friends out there... If you have a really EXCELLENT URL on any of the midis listed in my link "Coming Soon!", I would appreciate it if you would email me it so I can transload it and add it to my page....Thanks!!!

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"Coming Soon!"

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