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"I discovered unconditional love when I became the kind of person my dog wanted me to be."

Thanks for coming to Times To Remember! This is my home page featuring many of my works and others I have done over the last five years (about 105 last count...) and other links that you will surely enjoy.
I also have poems located at Reflections in Time (my newest page), Twilight's Room (my first effort) and More Dan's Poems links near the end of this page.

I would also like to mention a few other friends that have done much to assist and promote my pages: Thanks Mary (kissofarose) for your work in building pages for me in Twilight's Room (Fantasy, Rock-a-Bye and Roller Coaster)...and Maria (SweetMammi) who collaborated with me in "duet" in the poems Golden River Flowing and Afterglow. Lawna (angelady) has been a dear for her inspiration and helping me to get these works out to the masses. And last but not least, Shirley (SJ15) has been a mentor of sorts and the key person who got me started writing and did much of my initial "html" in Twilight's Room and More Dan's Poem pages. Thanks girls, this new page is a credit to you all!

Oh.....last but not least me...LOL. Maybe you might wanna know a little about me? Maybe or maybe not, but if so, click on the "About Me" link below...
And before you leave, check out my Romantic Midi link...I have spent considerable time ensuring that I have presented the best possible romance midi sequences available today online. Upon your return visits, peruse my Awards page and Friends and Favorites which links you out to my "grantors'" pages and other pages which I consider absolutely wonderful.

So sit back and put your feet up, pour your favorite beverage and enjoy.

Any comments and suggestions on my work would be greatly appreciated by your signing of my guestbook.

And come back pages continue to stay under construction and will only get better! Feel free to forward my pages to friends and family!

God Bless!

"Love is like a waterfall...flowing from the heart. It flows when we're together...and flows when we're apart."

Golden Moments, Golden YearsGolden River FlowingI Wouldn't Change This Moment

I Drew A Picture Of You You Colour My LifeCan You Hear Me?
When I Touch You A Passage In Time Song of the Sea
When I Look Into Your Eyes To Love Someone My Yesterdays and Tomorrows
Memories of a Daffodil I Can Remember Many Times Eternity

Something In The Wind If You Heard Last Night A Day Without You
Strong Necessary Before I Left
Whispers in the Sand I Opened My Eyes All or Nothing
Thoughts Before Me Choices If Only I Knew

My Endless LoveWhy Do I Question You?It Ain't Over Yet!
TrulyMaybeFeltAnother Place Another Time

"Contrary to popular belief, you cannot learn from your mistakes. You can recall past experiences...and the knowledge not to make the same mistake again."

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