M J Trim -- I found this wonderful store on a trip to NYC, and was extremely happy to discover when they updated their website to include most of the store's inventory!! Tons and tons of great trim...

Rio Rondo --Everyone's favorite supplier of model horse hardware...

Rio Grande --Great place for findings, chain, gems, beads, all sorts of jewelry-making supplies...etc. They have provided me with excellent service, and will ship you (for FREE) all of their wonderful catalogs...just ask them.

Mini Dolls --Wonderful source of tiny, teensy trims, findings, etc... She updates her site often with new little treasures.

Hide House Leather --Very nice leather, very nice service. (has lovely metallic leathers...although you do have to buy an entire skin!)

Springfield Leather --Call and ask for scraps...availabilty varies, but depending on what they have around the store at that time, you may just get some great bargins.

Rings and Things --Great selection of filigree findings! Reasonable prices, too.

Sandy's Lace and Trims --I have yet to actually order from here, but they have a great looking inventory.

Eastern Findings --Again, haven't ordered from them, but nice inventory.

Field's Fabrics --All the ultrasuede you could wish for! Haven't ordered yet, but you can order a 1/8th yd minimum (none of that "1 yd minimum!") and the prices are competitive.

Sulser Saddlery --Has some very nice looking model horse hardware, haven't tried it yet, though.

Timaru Star II (Susan Bensema Young) --All I have to say is...BUY THIS BOOK!!!!! (And if you don't make tack yourself...go and drool over her lovely pictures anyway...!)

Tandy Leather I have noticed that Hobby Lobby stores are increasing the amount of Tandy Leather products that they carry, which is wonderful, but this is the place to get the entire array of fun leathers and tools!

House of Orange --Never ordered from them, but they sure have lots of stuff.

Osprey Military Reference Books --Great books for any sort of historical military references...

Baton Rouge Bead Company --My local bead store...they know me well! And their inventory is actually quite nice for little ole Baton Rouge. Stop in and see them if you are ever in the area.


Breyer --Breyer Animal Creations Homepage

Peter Stone --Peter Stone Horses Homepage

Stone Horse Reference Site --Great site to look up all of the different Stone models...

H & H Winner's Circle --Breyer/Stone retailer. These guys provide excellent service!

P.S. Cord and Co. --Peter Stone retailer...

Deep South Model Horse Club --For all y'all southererns... : )

ModelXchange's not ebay! Auction site just for model horse lovers... by Carrie Sapp --Very nice site! Model horse sales pages, as well as tons and tons of links... p>


Afarstar -- "AFarStar," Wonderful information about Middle Eastern carpets and textiles.

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