Portuguese Bullfighting Costume

Portuguese Bullfighting Costume
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Recently NAN qualified with Ashley Slack, her El Cid resin, and matching rider doll "Antonio" by Ellen Warner of Mary's Legacy!!! This costume was carefully researched to include as many authentic details as possible. It is based upon the costume worn by the "rejoneadores" in the ceremony before the actual fight. The stallions are put through choreographed routines to show off the skill of horse and rider. After the presentation, both horse and rider change into slightly more utilitarian gear,so that they do not spoil their finery when they face the bull!

In the Spanish tradition of bullfighting, the matador faces the bull on foot. In the Portuguese tradition, however, the emphasis is upon the partnership between the horse and its rider. Using perfect balance and timing, they dance with the powerful bull...tagging him, but not seriously injuring him. In fact, in some regions, velcro strips are used to attach flags to the bull, instead of spears. (Kinda like touch football!)

The horses used in the ring are predominantly Lusitano stallions from farms that have bred and trained horses specifically for the bullring for generations.

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Also NAN qualifying in halter...a Portuguese style "Presentation Halter!"