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Your Love Covers Me

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He Is Able

Lord, when the problems of this world come at me from all sides You shelter me

When the pain of it all becomes more than I can bear, You are the One that gives me security

You are my hiding place when my foes come against me

You are the One that provides for me
Lord, without You
where would I be?

You lifted me out of the miry clay and set my feet upon solid ground
You showed me love when I was unlovely and forgave me when I stood alone and guilty

My soul soars as Your unconditional love sweeps over me, I lift my voice in praise to Thee in the midst of the storm...

You alone give me the strength and courage to step forth into the unknown

You give me love, hope, peace and joy that surpasses all understanding.

All You ask of me is to have the faith of a child

You are my Rock and my Salvation

Lord, You are the light that guides
my path

I will trust in You and not
be afraid because

Your Love

Covers Me

Taken from the journal,
"Then Came The Light"
By Shirley Busby

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He Is Able
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