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We can't take all the mystery out of Laos.  But we sure can make doing business there a whole lot easier.

Your Business Tourguides

 Kal (Ti) Inthasoroth, B.S.

 Lenh L. Phouasalith, B.A.

 Dethoudom Sanouvong, B.A.

 William Martin Sloane, Ph.D.

Trade and direct-investment opportunities abound as Laos accelerates its conversion to a market-driven economy.  Both joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises are welcomed.  Laos may well be "the final frontier," and LAOS Ltd provides a wide range of consulting and government-relations services to help your business succeed in this exciting environment.

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   Bill's language lesson:  
  "Sabaidee, Ajarn Prany."  
  "Oy, baw mee yung dock."  
  "Poam baw tun cow teua."  
  "Oy, kop jai lye lye."  
  "Soak-dee, SJD4DC."  
  "Huck pang, Lisa!"
Dr. Sloane (seated, left) at the 1999 SatJaDham Lao Literary Project, George Mason University.

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