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The Global Institute for Intercultural Relations

Private Education & Training for Governments & Multinational Companies

Prany Sananikone, M.A.
Post Office Box 237
Long Beach CA 90801-0237
(562) 804-3900

Ajarn Prany

Wm. Martin Sloane, Ph.D.
417 West South Street
Carlisle PA 17013-2829


A multicultural center for human resources development and training, the Global Institute for Intercultural Relations serves as a focal point for the gathering of professionals, community leaders and various levels of supervisors and managers, with the purpose of improving communication, competence and collaboration among diverse cultural groups in the world community and in the workplace.


1. To establish a training institute designed to develop intercultural knowledge and competence among educators, counselors, managers, human service professionals, and those working with all aspects of cultural diversity.

2. To promote intercultural understanding and collaboration by providing information and training to the diverse communities of the region and beyond.

3. To establish an intercultural resources center that will be a magnet for cross-cultural state-of-the-art materials and information as well as a meeting place for scholars and working professionals.