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How to Make a String Rosary

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Use Nylon Seine / Twine
# 36 requires 6 yards of cord
# 48 requires 7 yards of cord
#60 requires 9 yards of cord

Due to Shrinkage, use an extra foot or so if string is dyed before making Rosary

Start with the body of the Rosary (1st Mystery)

  1.        Begin about 6" from end of cord.   With cord held in left hand wrap cord clockwise 3 times over cord &  first finger.  Pull entire length of cord through - tighten.  This is the first Hail Mary.
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  2.     Repeat, placing the second knot close to or against the first knot - tighten - then maneuver the second knot for spacing.

  3.     Repeat for the next 8 Hail Mary's.  This completes the first decade.

  4.     The Our Father - wrap cord 4 times (4 loops instead of 3) to make for a larger knot.  Remember to space before & after the Our Father.

  5.     Repeat steps #1 - #4 for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th decades.

  6.     After the 5 decades & 4 Our Fathers are complete, it is time for the joining - bringing together - taking both the 1st Hail Mary & the last Hail Mary in your left hand, wrap both cords around 1st finger TWICE   Pull both ends through, tightening short cord first.  See step 14 for finish.

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  7.     With the long cord, tie 1 Our Father - space - 3 Hail Mary's - space - 1 Our Father.

                                                            The Cross

  8.     A short distance from the last completed Our Father repeat step 4, the same as making the other  Our  Father.

  9.    You should have about 3 - 3 1/2 feet of cord remaining - cutting off (melting ends) 2 feet from end.  This will   be used for the arms of the cross.

  10.     This is the only knot that is different - [a] Lay the 2 foot length that you just cut off flat on a table - place rosary over it with the last knot (step 8) next to it.  Hold ends with each hand and cross them, bring over rosary.  [b] the cord closest to the knot - lift & bring under & back through.  Knot should look like a figure " 8", make snug only!  It won't tighten.

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  11.     Important!!   Repeat step 4.  Make this knot tight against the other two (step 8 & 10 knots)            VERY TIGHT!

  12.     Repeat step 4 at bottom of cross.

  13.     The Arms - step 4 - on each side making each knot as tight against the body of the cross as possible.

  14.     About 1/4 inch from the knots cut off extra cords (4) then melt with a candle or lighter. Be very careful not  to burn your beautiful new Rosary.

    Pray and Enjoy!!

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