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Numerology is, at its root, a blueprint of your life. It is based upon the "personality" of numbers and the understanding that the number one, for example, is significantly different from the number six by more than the five degrees of mathematical separation. Each number has its own personality and resonance, an inner nature and quality, and each number will signify different elements of that personality when encountered in different situations. Numerology is (or should be) most often used as a self-help tool, a way to better understand yourself and the world around you. It is not a map by which your entire life may be guided, nor is it a curse of predestination that prevents you from becoming other than what the numbers indicate.

The Numerology of Names:

Names are and always have been more than mere labels or marks of identification. Your name will be the first identification you have with which to relate to the world around you, and the way in which the world relates to you. A first name will often indicate your personality and, in some ways, what the world expects of you. (Have you ever heard someone say: "He looks like a John", or "She sure doesn't act like a Christine"?) Each element of your full name, the first, middle and last, as well as the consonants and vowels of each name, can indicate an aspect of your personality, the strengths and weaknesses of which you need to be aware.
There are two major systems used to determine the numerology of your name.
Pythagorean: The Pythagorean system is based upon numeric arrangement according to the traditional Western alphabet. This system assigns values by alphabetic sequence of the letters.
Chaldean: The Chaldean system is based upon a name's vibrational pattern upon the phonetics of the name, rather than the alphabetic arrangement. Chaldean numerology assigns number values by sound.
Strangely enough, both systems trace their origin to the Greek mathematician/philosopher/spiritual leader Pythagoras.

The Numerology of Birthdays:

Just as names have a specific vibration to each individual, the date of birth also carries important clues to your life. Some numerologists believe that numerology is based upon the Earth's energy field. The conditions of the Earth's energy field change from second to second, minutely perhaps, and the vibrations of that energy field can determine to a great extent the actions and reactions that characterize the life of every living being on the Earth. The numbers involved in birth dates can be used to solve the enigmas of individuality, personality, and the patterns of fate that carry every person through life, just as the name can.
Taken in combination, these two aspects can provide valuable insights into your psyche, your personality, your hidden strengths and weaknesses (as well as the more obvious ones), your true nature, and perhaps most importantly, a new and inspiring way to look at yoruself with a new perspective.

Birth Number

Your Birth number is the most important number that you can know, It describes you, what you are, from birth. To find your birth number you must add all of the digits of your birthday, including month, day, and year.
My birthday is February 26, 1952. I would find my birth number like this:
2-26-1952, is 2+2+6+1+9+5+2 which equals 27, which is then reduced to a single digit number by adding its digits, 2+7 which equals 9.

My birth number is 9.

Name Numbers

Your Name number is probably the second most important number to you, besides your Birth Number. When finding your Name Number, you should use the name you go by, the name you feel most comfortable with. My name is RED WITCH. First I need to find the number equivalents for those letters, by looking at the following chart.

Number-Letter Equivalents

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
a b c d e f g h i
j k l m n o p q r
s t u v w x y z

954 59238

After finding the numbers for each letter, add them together like this:

9+5+4+5+9+2+3+8 which equals 45, which is then reduced to a single digit number by adding it's digits, 4+5 which equals 9.

My name number is also 9.

This is the numerology system most people today use. The older system leaves out the number nine, because in old tradidtions the numerological equivalent to God was the number 9.

So now, what do all these numbers mean?

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