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Poetry fan?

Good, come in and enjoy yourself! Below I have a collection of my own poems, written over the past five or so years. A few have been published, and one is in the process of being published. For your convenience I have made a list of links to bring you directly to the poem of your choice.

Sing a New Song Move On Wind of Souls Carve me an Angel

Sing a New Song

Sing, sing a sad song
Sing of lonely hours spent
in desperate trials.
Sing of life being lost
life the flame of a candle
in an over zealous breath of the wind.

Sing, sing for the ages!
Sing of war and destruction;
of might
of power pitted on power
of the terror that springs from the night.

Sing! sing with loud voice
of the years still yet to come.
Of defeats not yet faced
of death not yet embraced.
Sing, sing the song of my soul.


Move On

What is there in life that is offered
that is so great that for it we'd die
for that is essentially what we're doing....
Die to this life, and move on.

What is there in love that is offered
that is so great that for it we'd endure
all the pain and suffering it gives us....
Search no more for love, and move on.

What is there in death that is offered
that is so great that we long for to know
we spend all our time learning myths....
Be free from thoughts of death, and move on.


Wind of Souls

The wind whispers through the branches
of a cold, dead tree
The wind calls out its pain into the night
for all to hear its misery.
And on this wind
all souls ride
when heaven won't take them in . . .
And on this wind
my soul shall ride
until the screaming dies . . . .


Carve me an Angel

Carve me an angel
a beauty she must be
a light in my darkness
by which I'll see

Carve me an angel
but give her no flesh
for flesh lusts and rots
and others will covet her.

Carve me an angel
but give her no heart
for a heart can love others
and she is mine alone.

Carve me an angel
of stone, dark and cold
carve her to match
the cold darkness that is me.


I hope you have enjoyed these, they are some of the favorites of those I have written. If you would like to read more, please feel free to go to My other poems page