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Facts On JR's
Life With A Jack

Outlaw Kennel Jack Russell Terriers
Hastings, Nebraska

Some of the Family

#1Jack Russells out for a picnic,#2 Polly and Toy,#3Puppies want a bath too!!!

My Favorite things about Jack Russell Terriers.

  • The way Jack Russells cock thier heads and look at you when you make funny noises.
  • The unlimited amout of energy they seem to have to go along with their BIG loving hearts.
  • The way that Jack Russells always have that intent look... Just waiting for the next thing to happen.
  • There is nothing like life with a Jack Russell.

Our Life With Jack Russells

I have had a lot of dogs over the years and a Jack Russell is a very active little dog. They do great around active people that are on the go a lot. Or if they have a lot of room to run and chase things. I will kind of give you what our life is like with a Jack Russell. Spanky was our first Jack Russell. We got him as a puppy, and puppy life seemed like all other puppies. I think that next weekend we went fishing in our boat and we took Spankyman with us. I bet we weren't there 15 minutes and he went in the water ( this is the middle of April) my husband had to literally save him by reaching over the side. I then had to stop fishing- I never catch anything anyway- and had to sit with a wet and cold crying dog. He once got a free hamburger by looking so cute at a drivethru. He only gets dog biscuits now from the bank, which he buries in the back of Yukon. I don't think he likes them, but will guard with his life if there is another dog in the car. Then there was the time we went to the pet store and bought some aquarium gravel-WHITE-25# of WHITE aquarium gravel. We left him and the gravel ALONE and went in the grocery store, not for very long. When we came out you could not look in window of our Dodge Ram truck. The windows were totally chalked from the rock. Inside there was gravel everywhere on the dash, the seats were covered, in the electric window buttons, in the steering wheel, on the floor. I am sure it was hilarious to anyone passing by, my husband did not think so. So as punishment we tied him up when we got home while we cleaned the truck. I didn't think he had enough so I tied him to the coffee table leg MY NEW COFFEE TABLE. Well you can guess what happened. All though this wasn't his fault I was still mad at him. We had a lot of trouble keeping him out of the trash, so one time my husband got so mad at him he cold cocked him with a kids shoe, he really thought he had really hurt him. So he felt really bad. Then there was the time that he ate D-CON. I wouldn't of known it except for the little blue-green pellets on the bathroom floor. Although it may sound mean the thought of just ignoring it did pass through my mind. BUT I called the vet at 4:30 am and saved him. He has mellowed out some. About the only thing crazy thing he does now is when we go to the lake and he gets in the water he chases the splashes that he makes the harder he tries to catch the water the more splashes he makes so he never stops, we have had to go get him with the boat before just to get him to stop.

Well I hope I didn't bore you with my stories, but as you can see JRs take a lot of commitment and patience. They are hard to discipline so keep all of your shoes out of sight. My husband wishes that I wouldn't put the shoe part in. They need to be more than a dog, they think that they are human. We are on the go a lot and we take them when ever we can. We live out in the country now, but we lived in a small town before with a fenced back yard. They will kill what ever they chase we have only two cats now out of eight. They bring us presents like chewed up snakes, rabbits and moles, right up to the door. I think a JR is the best dog out there. And if you love life and want a best friend then a Jack is for you. For more information check out JRTCA's web site. Oh, by the way Spanky sits on my husband's lap when he is at the computer or driving the car.

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