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PLEASE NOTE: This unofficial fan website remains online for your enjoyment as an archival site. It hasn't been updated since around 2004, and I apologize for any outdated info. Since the last time I updated it, however, Teena has released 2 CDs for Cash Money Classics records: La Dona (2004) and the excellent Sapphire (2006).

*Also get info on Teena's session and production work or greatest hits compilations.*

Wild and Peaceful Wild & Peaceful, 1979

Lady T Lady T, 1980

Irons in the Fire Irons in the Fire, 1980

It Must Be Magic It Must Be Magic, 1981

Robbery Robbery, 1983

Starchild Starchild, 1984

Emerald City Emerald City, 1986

Naked to the World Naked to the World, 1988

Ivory Ivory, 1990

Passion Play Passion Play, 1994

? Black Rain, ????

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