The ABCs of Sunnydale


Debut -- Inca Mummy Girl (Season 2)

Other 2nd season appearances: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Last Seen -- Doppelgangland (Season 3)

Devon is first featured in Inca Mummy Girl as Cordy's boyfriend-of-the-week. He's lead singer of a band called Dingoes Ate My Baby, and after he chats with Cordy, we see him talking to his bandmate Oz. Apparently, Devon goes for the empty chicks. (This seems to be a trend I'm noticing, guys, empty chicks, yada yada. No offense, y'all, that's just life on this prairie..)

Anyhoo, Devon's telling Oz how great looking Cordy is, and that as lead guitar, Oz should have his pick of chicks. --Lead guitar, pick, get it?-- Devon can't understand why Oz isn't into the vapid-woman thing. Later when the band's playing at the Bronze, Devon's unable to tell Oz the eskimo's identity. That's about all for Devon this episode.

Devon's mentioned but not seen in Halloween. Cordy's been waiting for him at the Bronze, but he never shows up. The next day she tells Oz that she's been stood up. That's how it goes, I guess.

We see Devon once more onstage as singer in BBB. If the band is showcased any more next season, maybe we'll see more of him...

A Telling Exchange:
Oz: "You're just impressed by any girl that can walk and talk."
Devon: "She doesn't have to talk.""
-- On their differing tastes in women.


Dead Man's Party; Homecoming; Band Candy; Revelations; Doppelgangland

Hey, how about that? I was right...okay so it didn't take a wunderkind to figure out that band appearance = more Devon. Anyhoo, in DMP, Devon surprised me by actually knowing Buffy's name. He and the rest of the Dingoes played at Buffy's "welcome back" party. Quite the gig. Don't know if he got freaked out or if he's just used to that kind of wild livin', what with being a rock star and all!

In Homecoming, Devon's frontman again for the band, but he's also got some way important emceeing to do...he announces the new Homecoming Queens and gives them their tiaras...The kid's got a Atlantic City.

In BC, Devon does the singing thing.

In Revelations, guess what? Devon still is doing the singing thing...

In Doppelgangland, Devon and Oz are dealing with their band's equipment, which causes Devon to say that they need roadies. Oz in turn tells him that roadies are for bands that know more than three chords. Devon says that most of the jazz bands (I can't recall if he said "acid") are fruity. Anyway, it's not until he sees Vamp Willow enter the Bronze in her vampy leather outfit that he has cause to say: "Dude, check out your girlfriend!" Heh. It's like, a long way from the Eskimo outfit you saw in Inca Mummy Girl, eh, Devon? Later Devon's hiding behind the drum set when all of the scary vampire stuff is happening at the Bronze. And I believe he's yet again made it out of an episode alive...

Detective Stein:

Debut -- Ted (Season 2)

Other appearances: Becoming part 2 (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Consequences (Season 3)

Detective Stein's first called in inTed after Ted's been killed at Buffy's house. He first speaks with Joyce who tells him that Ted's death was caused when he fell down the stairs. When he asks how that came to be, Buffy says that it was her fault.

Later in the station, Buffy's being questioned by Detective Stein. She tells him that Ted had her diary and was going to show her mom, and that Ted struck her. Detective Stein asks where, and when Buffy shows him, he says that it must not have been a very hard strike since there's no mark. Buffy says that she didn't mean to kill him, and Stein believes her. No charges are pressed, but Stein's not likely to forget this encounter with Buffy and her mom...

Stein pops up again in the season 2 ender Becoming part II. This time, he's investigating what went down at the school, namely, Kendra's death. He pays a visit to the Summers's home once more, and asks Joyce about Buffy's whereabouts. He tells her that Kendra is dead, and Joyce says she thinks Buffy's at Willow's house.

Win Detective Stein's Job:
Stein: "Is it Willow Rosenberg?"
Joyce: "Yes."
Stein: "Second victim." -- Stein fills Joyce and his partner in on the happenings.

Detective Stein tells Joyce to bring Buffy down to the station if she shows up at home. This is the last we've seen of Stein so far. I'd imagine he's got quite the job, being a detective on the Hellmouth and all. Let's hope he's also got quite the insurance policy.

Stein's Biggest Understatement:

Stein: "Your daughter's got a history of violence, doesn't she, Mrs. Summers?" -- to Joyce, about Buffy.

To be continued!!

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