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Amanda's Bits and Pieces

All of Amanda's *loyal* LapDogs already know this...but it wouldn't be a real homepage if it didn't tell any new LapDogs something about here ya go...

She was born Amanda Jaculi Coetzer on October 22nd in Hoopstad, Oranje Vry Staat (Orange Free State), South Africa

She lives in either Hoopstad, South Africa or Hilton Head, South Carolina

The little cutie stands in at 5'2" (1.57m)

The 'little assassin' weighs only 122lbs. (55kg)

She blasted into the tennis scene in January, 1988

She split with boyf of 4 years Mike Newell ages ago and started dating Bill Behrens before steadily dating her current boyf, Brady Anderson, a baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles

She is sponsored by Nike and Prince (uses Prince Precision Equipe racquet)

At this moment she is currently ranked #16 in the world

HOBBIES/OTHER ~Amanda's hobbies include reading, studying languages and shopping...Her fave movies are Scent of a Woman and dances with Wolves...Her fave book is the Covenant by James Michener...Amanda says that if she weren't a professional tennis player, she would like to be a mother.

FAMILY ~Amanda's father is a lawyer and her mother is a housewife. She has three sisters, Isabel, Martelle and Nicola, the youngest. Amanda also has a young niece called Nieke Marie, born in April, 1995.

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