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Amanda Coetzer's LapDogs

Well Coetzer fans...This is what you've been waiting for... Or you've clicked on the wrong thing and somehow went to my little Amanda Coetzer page...Well...suck...You're stuck with this... Unless if you press the back button...BUT DON'T!! Please? If ya do...I'l be very pissed off...Anyway, enjoy if you are obsessed with this little South African as much as I am. Enjoy...

Hmmmm, I'm not really the type to update stuff...I guess I'm just lazy *no wait...I know I'm lazy* so if you want the latest news and pics go to Sarah's site - it's absolutely bloody fantastic!!

Okiedokie...If you're really obsessed with her, why not check out these?...


Amanda's Stats

Pics of Her Holiness Out 'n' About

Conference Pics

Pics of Amanda in Action

The Latest n Greatest Pics of Amanda

These are just any pics I come across or am given...

Thanx to SportPhoto...

Old Pics of Amanda at the Hopman Cup

4 Collages I made coz I have no life...

Outta Sites

All About ME!!

Amanda...If you come to read this...~though, knowing my luck you never will...anyway~...If ya eva read this...I am your loving lap daddy and I do as I'm told!!

If anyone wants to know Amanda's Official Supporter's Group thing here it is:
Official Amanda Coetzer Supporter's Group
Kris Z.Nocula
325 Crest Drive
Jefferson City. MO 65109

Although if it doesn't work, and some people have told me that they've written and received NOTHING why don't you read what she has to say about her matches and others?
Amanda's Articles for the Official South African Tennis Association

Thank you so much Sarah for all your help eg. Pics and info etc!!

And to show how much I's the links to Sarah's great sites! Go ahead, take a look...take a peep at her pages!!
Her Amanda Coetzer Page
It might look a bit weird right now because the site just moved but it's still damn cool
Her Patty Schnyder Page

Another great player is of course, Amerca's own Lindsay Davenport, you can find heaps of stuff on her here - Lindsay Davenport's Tribute Page

Or you can check out this sickass page on Jennifer Capriati!
Jennifer Capriati

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And a big thanx to NETennis for adding me to their list!

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Also, here's a site about the Sydney Games so if ya wanna check it out go ahead!
Come to the
             Sydney Olympic Games in 2000