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Breeds Association

Since 1980

The EBA is an organization founded in 1980 with the guidance and support of ADBA's President Ralph Greenwood. The EBA was created for the purpose of protecting breeds of animals who are apparently under harassment, or are just victims of misunderstanding, false or negative criticism, controversy, or just plain ignorance! The roots are founded in preserving the American Pit Bull Terrier... and that the present time remains the primary objective.

The EBA board and officers donate all of their time and services. Officers are usually available to offer advice and aid by phone for troublesome situations.

Their goals are attained in correcting false accusations, registering complaints and by satisfactory education to the public. And when necessary, retaining legal aid for innocent victims caught in unfair controversy, detecting unjust laws being enacted against a particular breed, and article dissemination to all their members."

The Endangered Breed Association opposes animal abuse or any illegal activities with animals and do not accept applications from anyone convicted of such.

The EBA continually seeks active members to help the organization and strengthen its efforts. The Endangered Breeds Association is a non-profit organization existing solely on donations, and dedicated to the preservation of all endangered breeds.

Membership is only ten dollars for a single and fifteen dollars for a family per year's membership. A paid membership includes a pamphlet with information regarding lobbying, legal defense and public education as well as newsletters with updated legislative issues and dog related issues.

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The ADBA and its member clubs support the Endangered Breeds Association.

Endangered Breeds Association
PO Box 1180
Albany, La 70711

Membership Application

How to become an Endangered Breeds Association Representative

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