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EBA Representative

How to become an Endangered Breeds Association Representative

So, you just became a member of EBA and you want to do more. Great! Be all you can be, but you can't be a rep yet.

Requirements are:

#You must be a member of EBA at least one year.

#You must have access to newspapers from your state capital to follow legislative sessions.

#You must make yourself available to attend sessions should the need arise.

#You must be available for advice and guidance to others with knowledge of ordinances and laws in your state.

#You MUST contact EBA president for appropriate action before acting on issuses.

#An EBA rep will submit a biannual report of activities including legislative updates.

#An EBA rep must be accessible at all times, informing the EBA president of address changes.

#An EBA rep is a volunteer. No reimbursement is available.

Still interested? Great! Write me a letter, and we'll send you an application.


PO Box 1180

Albany, La 70711

Or you can email a request to:

Endangered Breed Association