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Ory Family Pictures

Marjorie Lucille "Sis" Ory (1914-1991)

George Emile Ory (1882-1938)

The Ory Brothers (Thomas, George and Joseph)

Marjorie Lucille

Picture taken about 1990. Sis married a World War II soldier from Indiana, lived the life of an Air Force wife, raised four children, then went back to college to earn a library science certificate and worked in a public school library. She loved to collect antique glass and always had beautiful flowers growing in her yard.

George Emile Ory

Snapshot taken about 1938, after Papa had his vocal cords removed because of cancer. His treatment consisted of x-ray radiation in New Orleans. He would take the train from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and stay with his sister, Dora, during his treatments, then take the train home, where one of his children would pick him up at the train station. He communicated with his family by writing notes on whatever piece of paper was handy. "Chutty," one of his daughters, kept a scrapbook filled with these notes. George died a few months after the picture was taken.

The Ory Brothers

Many thanks to Ory cousin Larry Dahlstrom, a grandson of Dora Ory, whose family preserved these pictures of turn-of-the century Orys and their families.
Thomas F. Ory (b. 1881), George E. Ory (b. 1882) and Joseph E. Ory (b. 1883).

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