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More Ory Family Pictures

Lezin Ory (1841-1920)

John Louis Ory (1847-1920)

Emydge Ory (1845-1928)

From "A History of St. John the Baptist Parish," p. 85

Ory Brothers: Lezin, Felician, Emygde, Jean/John Louis and Placide entered the sugar industry following the Civil War. "With ambition, courage and inflexible will, they began by purchasing Idaho Plantation, located at Lions, LA. In 1878, they bought Ingleside Plantation on Bayou Lafourche. Here Felician terminated his activities in the partnership. Golden Gate Plantation, located in Iberville, was next annexed as an Ory enterprise. In 1898, this place was sold and Woodland Plantation was added, with Augustin Lasseigne, their personal friend, as a partner. San Francisco and Union Plantations were the next enterprise purchased, Ingleside being sold. The ambitious brothers added, as an investment, the Sarpy plantation.

...In 1920, Jean Louis, Placide and Lezin died (within six weeks of each other). Woodland was subdivided and sold in small farms. Emygde died in 1928. San Francisco Planting and Manufacturing Co. remains a monument to their memory under the able management of Sidney J. Levet and J. M. Ory, son-in-law and son, respectively of the brothers."

San Franciso Plantation

Lezin Ory

Lezin Ory (1841-1920) received his education in the family home, under the direction of a private tutor. At about 15 years old, he began to work as a farm laborer and continued for four years, when he and his brothers bought Idaho plantation to grow sugar cane. The business prospered and 7 years later Ingleside Plantation in Assumption Parish was added and cane production increased. Some years later Woodland Plantation was purchased and 10 years later San Francisco and Union Plantations were added to the holdings. Three years later, Lezin became owner of Ricker Plantation. Ingleside was sold in 1904, but the brothers holdings embraced 5000 acres of corn and cane...His residence near Lions is one of the finest plantation homes in LA. (San Francisco) Abstracted from Alcee Fortier's "Louisiane" published 1914.

Descendants of Lezin Ory, Jr.
1 Lezin Ory, Jr. b: 02 October 1841 in Reserve, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA d: 18 February 1920 in Reserve, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA
. +Marie Clementine Levet b: 06 July 1849 d: 10 April 1926 m: 14 May 1870
... 2 Bertha Ory b: 26 October 1875 d: 26 April 1955
... 2 Emily Ory b: 22 November 1877 d: 11 July 1950
... 2 Corinne Marie Ory b: 17 October 1879 d: 28 April 1963
....... +Louis Alphonse Caboche b: Abt. 1875 d: 10 February 1972 m: 26 June 1907 in New Orleans, LA
... 2 Sidonie Marie Ory b: 20 August 1881 d: 05 April 1905
... 2 Philomene Ory b: 16 June 1883
... 2 Joseph Marie Ory b: 09 September 1888 d: 16 November 1962
....... +Esther Marie Lassseigne b: 24 August 1892 d: 01 June 1970 m: 15 June 1915 Father: Augustin Lasseigne Mother: Clotilde Perilloux
... 2 Charles D. Ory b: 02 January 1890 d: 17 May 1939
....... +Marie Aline Millet b: 17 April 1894 d: 01 February 1968 in New Orleans, LA m: 04 September 1918 Father: Pierre Millet Mother: Marie Elise Tregre
... 2 Junius Emile Ory b: Abt. 1894 in St. John the Baptist Parish, LA d: 04 January 1917 in Touro Infirmary, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA

I have pictures of several members of this family (some with spouses). If you would like a scanned copy of one of these, please email

John Louis Ory

From "LA: Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events, ..." edited by Alice Fortier (Century Historical Association, 1914):

"John Louis Ory has devoted his abilities to the vocation of a planter from the time of his boyhood. He received his education at public schools... The Civil War, however, so interfered with his studies as to practically terminate them, and at the age of 14, associated with his brothers, he rented some land and began growing cotton under the tenant system. He did not depend solely upon his cotton crop, and was at all times on the lookout for any odd job that promised an increase of his income. During the years of the war he materially helped himself by hauling contraband material from place to place..."

By the time he was 25, he and his brothers purchased a small plantation and began planting sugar cane. In 1878, the brothers bought Ingleside plantation, on Bayou Lafourche, and some years later added Golden Gate plantation, in Iberville Parish. In 1897, they sold Golden Gate and bought Woodland Plantation. In 1904, they sold Ingleside and added San Francisco and Union plantations in St. John Parish. In 1911, they bought Sarpy plantation in St. Charles Parish, bringing their holdings to about 5,000 acres. Cane and corn were the principal crops. Holdings also included 2 sugar mills.

John scrupulously avoided political entanglements although he did serve as a member of the police jury in St. John Parish. The John L. Ory public school at Laplace is a graceful compliment to the personality and character of a modest citizen. Mr. Ory's home on Woodland plantation is one of the most commodious, attractive and inviting plantation in southwest LA."
See also Alcee Fourtier's "Louisiana", 1914; published in Les Voyageurs, Vol XII, No. 4, Dec. 1991.

Descendants of John Louis Ory
1 John Louis Ory b: 12 September 1847 in Lions, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA d: 21 March 1920
. +Victoria Chauff b: Abt. December 1855 in Bayou Lafourche, LA d: 05 September 1926 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA m: 23 October 1873 Father: Thomassin Chauff Mother: Cleonise Maillet
... 2 Leontine Marie Ory b: 19 August 1874 d: 07 December 1937
... 2 Cecile Ory b: 17 June 1877 d: 08 December 1910
....... +Wincelas Leonard Lions b: 20 April 1875 m: 03 February 1897
... 2 Marie Victorine Ory b: 08 October 1879 d: 02 June 1939 in St. John the Baptish Parish, LA
....... +Sidney J. Levet, Sr. b: 31 March 1875 in St. James Parish, LA d: 22 April 1942 in Lions, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA m: 27 June 1907 Father: Xavier Levet, Jr. Mother: Frances Donaldson
... 2 Ida Ory b: 07 August 1882 d: 22 April 1957
... 2 Juliette C. Ory b: 02 February 1885 d: 21 August 1964
....... +Henry Clement Maurin b: 17 July 1885 in Laplace, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA d: 09 February 1943 m: 11 October 1911 in St. Peter Church, Reserve, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA
... 2 John Daniel Ory b: 16 September 1889 in St. John the Baptist Parish, LA d: 15 October 1918
....... +Marie Alida Perilloux b: 26 August 1895 d: 20 July 1915 m: 10 January 1914 Father: Andre Toussant Perilloux Mother: Louise Appoline Tregre
... *2nd Wife of John Daniel Ory:
....... +Lillian Menuet b: Abt. 1894 d: 17 October 1918 m: 21 May 1918
... 2 Denise Marie Ory b: 12 July 1887 d: 05 March 1950
....... +Joseph Francios Charles St. Martin, Jr. b: 12 March 1887 d: 02 December 1958 m: 13 April 1919
... 2 Cora Ann Ory b: Abt. 1893 d: 30 November 1897 in Drowned SP 2/33

I have pictures of several members of this family (some with spouses). If you would like a scanned copy of one of these, please email

Emydge Ory

Descendants of Emygde Ory
1 Emygde Ory b: 04 August 1845 in St. John the Baptist Parish, LA d: 22 November 1928
. +Aurelie Chauff b: 04 March 1851 in St. John the Baptist Parish, LA d: 05 November 1925 m: 08 January 1872 in Married by Father Philibert Biron Father: Benjamin Chauff Mother: Aurelia Pouponne
... 2 Paul Ory b: 13 January 1874 d: 23 February 1877
... 2 Aurelie Ory b: 02 December 1875 d: 11 September 1942
....... +Emile J. Hebert b: 20 November 1874 d: 28 May 1957 m: 17 February 1896 in Iberville Parish, LA
... 2 Marie Lea Pauline Ory b: 25 September 1878 d: 1880
... 2 Marie-Virginia Ory b: 29 May 1881 d: 06 February 1965
....... +Sidney Hilaire Labiche b: 14 January 1877 d: 13 January 1956 m: 25 September 1907
... 2 Blanche Ory b: 10 May 1884 d: 1884 in As infant
... 2 Oscar Joseph Ory b: 16 November 1885 d: 18 April 1954
....... +Beatrice Richard b: 19 March 1887 d: 15 September 1963 m: 15 October 1908
... 2 Alphonse Ory b: 02 September 1888 d: 1888 in As infant