A Minumental is a monumental contemporary sculpture made to a minumental scale.
A little knowledge can go a long way
A lot of proffessionals are crackpots
A man can’t know what it’s like to be a mother
A name means a lot, just by itself
A relaxed man is not necessarily a better man
A sense of timing is the mark of genious
A sincere effort is all you can ask
A single effect can have infinitely many interpretations..
A solid home base builds a sense of self
A strong sense of duty imprisons you
Abuse of power comes as no surprise
Absolute submission can be a form of freedom Abstraction is a type of decadence
Action causes more trouble than thought
Alienation produces eccentrics or revolutionaries
All things are delicately interconnected
An elite is inevitable
Anger or Hate can be a useful motivating force
Animalism is perfectly healty
Any surplus is immoral
Ambition is just as dangerous as complacency
At times, inactivity is preferable to mindless functioning…
Boredom makes you do crazy things..
Confusing yourself is a way to stay honest..
Deviants are sacrificed to increase group solidarity
Dreaming while awake is a frightening contradiction
Eating too much is criminal
Even your family can betray you
Everyone’s work is equally impotant…
Expiring for love is beautiful but stupid
Fake or real indifference is a powerful personal weapon..
Fathers often use too much force
Grass roots agitation is the only hope
Hiding your motives is despicable
Humanism is obsolete
Humor is a release
If you aren’t political your private life should be exemplary
It is important to stay clean on all levels.
It’s man’s fate to outsmart himself
Killing is unavoidable but nothing to be proud of.
Lack of charisma can be fatal
Loving animals is a substitute activity…
Men are not monogomous by nature
Mothers shouldn’t make too many sacrifices
Much was decided before you were born
Murder has it’s sexual side
Often you should act like you’re sexless
People who don’t work with their hands are parasites
Raise boys and girls the same way
Revolution begins with change in the individual..
Romantic love was created to manipulate women
Slipping into madness is good for the sake of comparison
Sloppy things get worse over time..
Taking a strong stand publicises the opposite opinion..
The idea of revolution is an adolescant fantasy
The idea of transcendance is used to obscure oppression..
The most profound things are inexrpressable
Timidity is laughable
Torture is barbaric
When something terrible happens people wake up
Wishing things away is not effective
You are a victim of the rules you live by
Your oldest fears are your worst ones…

Minumental Sculpture
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