Paul St.George, The Minumentalist

Minumental is a trademark of Paul St.George.
A Minumental is a monumental contemporary sculpture made to a minumental scale. Minumental and monumental refer to each other by being in opposition. Minumental is to monumental as white is to black. Minumental sculptures provide a critique of monumental sculptures by revealing how monumental sculptures rely on massive size and weight. The small scale of a Minumental exposes some sculptures as dependent on being monumental. The project involves some reverence alongside the irony. Monumental sculptures are only available to a few, very rich collectors. Minumental sculptures will make contemporary art more available and accessible. Paul St George intends that his Minumental sculptures will make contemporary sculpture widely collected and easily seen. He wants the associated philosophical debates and aesthetic experiences to be available to more people in more places

Minumental 20:50

Minumental Angel of the North
This is a perfect example of a minumental which shows how dependant a
Monumental sculpture's impact can be on it's size. This minumental of the
Angel of the North looks like a cute little airplane toy, but
not particularly impressive in any way.

Minumental Brillo Boxes

Likewise with the Brillo Boxes..
I find that they look like accoutrements
for playing "House" more than anything else.
But then, I'm not the biggest Warhol fan.

Minumental Fat Chair
Ah yes.. Everybody loves the Fat Chair, right? It's a bit less disturbing at this size, don't you think?

Minumental Equilibrium
Looks like a weird little Fish tank
for the doll house, doesn't it?

Minumental Equivalent

Minumental Ghost

Minumental Giant
Quandry or paradox? If you take a burnt match and build it huge,
and then you make a miniature out of it,
is it still just a burnt match?
What if there never was a "huge" version?

Minumental Impossibility
Everyone needs a throw back to Damien Hurst.
I'm not sure what's in this box,
but I'm sure it smells of formaldehyde.

Minumental Oak Tree

Q: To begin with, could you please describe this work?
A: Yes, of course. What I have done is change a full-grown oak tree into a Minumental Oak Tree without altering the accidents of the oak tree.
Q: The accidents?
A: Yes, the colour, feel, weight, size...
Q: Well, haven't you altered the size?
A: No, I have only altered the size of a glass of water. I haven't altered the size of the oak tree.
Q: Haven't you simply called this glass of water an oak tree?
A: Which glass of water?

This is one of my favorites.
It's kind of reminiscent of a painting
of a blue square titled "Yellow."

Minumental Order

Minumental Reichstag

Minumental Stack

Minumental Table With Pink Cloth

Minumental House of Velti

(All works Property and Copywrite of Paul St.George. They're not yours, so hands off..)

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