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Ailes de la Deesse

Wicca basic's, made fun and easy


To any of those wanting to help; My page is in need of repair. I'm looking for a co-author, web designist to fix my codes. Even if you are a beginner, but knows html, we can work together to create something much more useful than what I have now. Email me if you're interested!

This is my personal page of Spells, Rituals and information about Wicca and Witchcraft. It is designed to be a teaching tool for those of you seeking knowledge about an idea that may be fairly new to you or others that you may know. It is also written simply enough to read to younger children or non-pagans who may celebrate with you.

Any Pagan religion can be practiced by anyone. There are no qualifications that must be met. (Men included.) If you are made to feel uncomfortable while learning from someone, try elsewhere. In most cases, it is the person that is making you uncomfortable, not the religion. True hearted Wiccans are the most generous, loving, giving and trusting people that I have ever met. This is what first drew me to the religion. .

As many of you may know, Paganism or Witchcraft is becoming a wide spread fad. There are many people who claim to be "witchs" but in reality know very little about the religion. They simply think it's "cool" to be involved in witchcraft. It takes years to become a respected member of the pagan community and in those years, you must be willing to put forth some serious efforts. To learn how tho start on the correct path, check out:

How to Begin

I practice a simple, non-dramatic form of Wicca, so all practicing with me, will feel comfortable and have fun. My spells and rituals are easily performed in an apartment, the city or even in a park, without making a spectacle of yourself. Also, if you are searching for information, you need to check out the source of the information (the writers), to see if they are respectable and the kind of person you want to learn from. Don't take someones word on face value alone, they could have been mislead themselves. Research and practice what feels comfortable for you.

Inro to me

I have links to other great pages on each of my pages. I link up by subject, therefore I strongly recomend visiting each of their Homepages. There is some great info out there, USE IT!!!

I welcome anyone to print any ritual or spell out for personal use and feel free to rewrite anything to suit your needs. If you do use any parts of my pages, I'd love to know. Please either email me, or sign my guest book.

Thank you,

Soeur Deesse

My Book of Shadows

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