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My Old Kentucky Ghosts

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I have a reoccurring dream. In the dream I inherit an old mansion. Itís a big two-story brick house with big white columns. Iíve never seen this house in real life, but in the dream, everything about the house is familiar. I walk inside the house, and there is a big winding staircase in the front foyer. I walk up the stairs to the second floor. On the second floor, there is a big, wide hallway with oriental rugs, tables, chairs and old lamps. I walk down this hall but, for some reason, I donít go into any of the rooms. There is no one around, and I have a feeling of loneliness. I walk back down the stairs and out the front door. When I get outside, I walk behind the house and go into a woods. I can tell itís fall because there are leaves on the ground, and I can hear them crunch beneath my feet. In the woods, I come upon an old family cemetery. Every time I have this dream, I always walk up to the same grave. I am very sad over someone who is buried there. I know that this is someone I know very well, but I canít remember who it is. I look for a name on the tombstone, but there isnĎt one. At this point I wake up. Iíve had this dream many times, and each time I have it, I have it three times in a row. Iíve been told that the person in the grave is me, and that if you ever see your name on a tombstone in a dream, you will die.

Back when I was ten, my grandmother died. When I was sixteen, one night, I dreamed that I was in bed and looked up and saw her sitting in my room in a rocking chair. She started talking to me. She said, ďStay close to the Lord.Ē She told me that there were mansions in heaven being built for people who are still alive. ďThese mansions are inlaid with precious stones. Every time you do something good, A stone is added. Every time you do something bad, a stone is taken away." I said, ďWait, let me go get Mother so you can talk to her.Ē She said, ďI would love to, but I canít stay. Just tell her I love her.Ē Then she disappeared, and the rocking chair was empty.

I heard the garage door open. I went to the kitchen and looked out the window. It was dark out, but I could see a man standing there holding a phone. He looked real sad and solemn. He had a beard and wore a flannel shirt. He looked at me and said, ďYou canít call out; Iíve got the phone.Ē I went and looked out the front door and saw a shadow of someone standing there. I couldnít see them, but I knew that there were other people surrounding the house. I felt trapped. Then I woke up. Iíve had this dream several times.

It was nighttime, and I was riding with my dad down a gravel road. We were looking for a certain house, though Iím not sure why. After driving for a bit, we finally saw the house in the distance, and I pointed it out. The porch light was on and there were no other houses around. As we approached the house, I could see that the people who lived there had put their garbage out to the road. When we got closer, we saw that lying piled on the stack of garbage was a body. There was another body lying in the yard closer to the house. I suddenly had a terrible sense of foreboding. Somehow I knew that the murderer was still around. I told my dad to turn around. The area was very isolated. He back the truck up in the yard and turned around. I was near panicked. He drove slowly away back down the road. I wanted him to drive faster, but he wouldnít. After driving a while, we found another house and went inside. There was no one home. I found a phone and called 911. I explained to the operator what we had found, but at first she wouldnít believe me. When I finally convinced her, she asked me for directions so she could send the police. I realized then that I had no idea where we were at. I tried to tell her how we got there, but I couldnít remember. I turned to ask my dad where we were, but he was gone. Then the phone went dead, and I was in the house alone.

Iíve had this dream ever since I was a child. Iím walking across a train bridge. There is water below the bridge, and itís rising. Iím walking very carefully because Iím afraid I will fall between one of the cracks. Iím trying to reach the other side before the water rises too high , and I drown. Suddenly the water disappears, and there is nothing below me. One of the train tiles breaks, and I fall through. This is when I wake up, and jump up in bed.

I dreamed I was on a school bus with some other people. I donít know why I was on a school bus since itís been years since I went to school. But Anyway, some man was approaching the bus, and someone yelled, ďDonít let him in!Ē I somehow knew the man was evil and wanted to hurt us. I took my feet and propped them up against the door. The man pushed on the door but couldnít open it. Finally, he gave up and walked away. Everyone was so happy and thanked me for saving them. Suddenly, it was nighttime, and I was lying it bed. I heard someone yell, ďHeís coming in the window!Ē It was that same man. I was thinking I had to stop him. I could hear glass breaking from the window beside my bed. I tried to get out of bed to stop him, but I couldnít move -I was completely frozen. I couldnít even scream. I knew the man was fixing to get me, and he was mad because I had kept him out of the school bus. Then I woke up.

A while before my grandfather died, he had a stroke. After having the stroke, he would walk really slow with a cane and drag his left side. I was a kid when this happened and would stay over there sometimes and help my grandmother take care of him. Often Iíd have this same nightmare when I was staying over there. In the dream, my grandfather looked like he was dead, and he was chasing me through the house. He would be laughing really loud and dragging his left side. I would always run into my bedroom where I slept and slam the door shut. Iíd climb into bed and cover my head. I would hear my grandfather drag his left side to the door, then heíd take his cane and push the door open, while he was laughing. When he got to the bed and pulled off my covers, Iíd wake up terrified every time.

Iíve had a reoccurring dream for over twenty years. Iím always at a different place, but the same thing happens every time. There are several people around, and I hear a weather forecast on the radio that a tornado is coming. I go outside and watch the sky. Then it gets real dark, and I hear a loud roaring sound. A huge black tornado appears and starts moving in my direction. I run back inside and try to tell everyone that a tornado is coming, but no one pays any attention to me. I try to find everyone a safe place to go, but everyone keeps talking and laughing like everything is okay. Then I hear glass breaking, and everything starts coming apart. Everyone starts screaming and running, but itís to late. Thatís when I wake up.

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