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One night I dozed off in the family room recliner. In what seemed too real to be a dream, I woke up and couldn't move. Finally, I was able to move and tried to stand up, but it felt as though a hand were pushing against my chest and back into the chair. suddenly my legs lifted up into the air and I floated across the room on my back. I started to fall and jerked awake in the chair.

Me and Holly and our goddaughter were walking through an old victorian house. I was carrying my goddaughter and Holly was following behind me. As we went from room to room an enormous sense of evil seemed to follow us, as though something demonic was behind us, but we couldn't see what it was. Being protective, I took Holly and our goddaughter to my grandmother's house and then my uncle's house, but no one was home at either place. Then I went to another uncle's house and found the front door unlocked. I walked in to find myself, now alone, standing beside a walk-in closet to the right. It took a moment to focus. When my eyes adjusted, I became paralized with fear and felt a terrible sickness. My whole family was hanging like coats in the closet. They all appeared dead and were dressed in nice clothing, suits and dresses. My family was all pushed towards the back of the closet. In the front hung a young girl with thick golden curls. She was wearing a white dress with white gloves and stockings. Then I realized I was only looking at the her top half. Her bottom half was hanging beside her. Then I felt the breath leave my body, and I again felt the presents of evil that had seemed to follow me earlier. On the wall I saw a shadow move. I started to run but woke up in bed.

Me and two girls were walking into a big hospital. We walked into a big room that had a ship. The room started to fill up with water, and people were drowning. We had to swim out of the room and barely escaped. In the hallway, there were some friendly nurses who said, "Hello." We walked into another room, and that room started to flood. We had to escape that room too. We walked past some more friendly nurses, and then went into another room that also flooded. When we had escaped that room, we went into a room where a man dressed in a black suit said, "Ya'll come back," and opened a door and showed us out of the hospital.

Me and my mom were coming home from a funeral. We walked into the house, and I began crying, but I didn't understand why until my mother told me my father had died. Later on that night, I was coming out of the bathroom. When I walked through the living room, a picture of my father flashed through my head. I dismissed it and began to walk up the steps. I looked up and saw my father at the top of the stairway. He was dressed in white and surrounded by a mist. He began to walk down the steps towards me. I tried to run, but I was frozen and couldn't move. When he reached the bottom of the steps, he walked right through me. I felt hollow inside, and then I woke up crying.

I was lying in bed frozen, unable to move, and someone was breaking in the front door. I heard them walk in the house; their blue jeans were shuffling across the carpet. They came into my bedroom, and I could see that it was a big man. I wanted to scream but couldn,t; no sound would come out of my mouth. The man came up to my bed and touched my shoulder. I could feel his hand as though it were really happening. I woke up scared to death. When I recovered, I realized that everything looked as it did in my dream. I was lying in exactly the same position that I had been in the dream.

I was standing in the dining room talking to my parents. I looked out the window and, even though it was dark out, I could see that someone was standing near a tree. I looked closer and saw that this was someone wearing a gorilla mask. I started to scream, but only air came out with no sound. The person came up to the window and hit it with their open hand. I was too afraid to do anything but try to scream. Although I couldn't scream, I could hear the screaming of some unknown girls in the background. The person moved away from the window and went around the house. Through the door of the dining room, I saw a door on the other side of the house open, and the person in the gorilla mask came in the house. At this point, I woke up.

I dreamed that I had died and was taken with some strangers into a dark chamber. A big door lifted up like a garage door, and demon-like men with pale-grey skin and white glowing eyes marched out. Their uniforms were also pale-grey. These demon-like men, for some reason, put big fake teeth in their mouths. Suddenly an oriental baby appeared and attacked me. I screamed and lifted a lid in front of me and tossed the demon baby down a chute. The people that I came with began talking. Some of them told me I had to learn the words to a certain song, or I would be tortured. I heard blood curdling screams and looked over and saw some of the demon men holding up a bedspread. I could see that someone was being tortured behind the bedspread. I could tell this because I could see the bedspread shaking and catch glimpses of the person struggling with the demons. I desperately tried to learn the song to avoid being tortured, but I was so afraid that I couldn't remember any of the words. I began to realize that I must be in a horrible dream. I asked a girl standing next to me if she could wake me up out of the dream. The girl grabbed my face and started stretching the skin on my face. I woke up feeling the girl's hands on my face. I was very relieved to know it had only been a dream.

I was tap dancing on a glass floor, and everything around me was dark except the floor. I could see different levels of glass floors below me. The floor broke, and I fell through to the next level and started tap dancing again. The floors kept breaking, and I would tap dance on each floor. When I got to the last level, the floor broke, and I fell into a black whole and jerked awake.

I had a dream I went to school with my mom where she worked. No one was there except us, and the school was two stories instead of one. We were fixing to get on an elevator, but I told my mom I had forgotten something and would be right back. My mom got on the elevator, and the doors closed. As I walked away, I heard the elevator crash into the basement. I woke up crying. For years after that I would not let my mom ride an elevator. Even if it was a tall building, I would make her take the steps.

In the dream, I woke up and walked into the kitchen. I turned the light on and saw wet muddy footprints leading to the window. I had an overwhelming feeling of fear come over me. The lights went out and I couldn't move. I felt someone was in the house, but I couldn't run. I finally made myself wake up.

I'm afraid of my garage door. One night I dreamed I was in bed and heard the automatic door opening. Someone came in the house and started walking towards my bedroom. I could hear the footsteps but was too afraid to run. When my bedroom door opened I woke up.

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