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Legends of Myth Spirit

Feel the Spirits of the Wind
Let it take hold of your soul
Enchantment, Support, and Friendships
Treasures and mysteries lie within.

Image provided by Wizards World Of Mystery

Follow Me

Let me light your way through the Enchanted Forest

Image provided by Wizards World of Mystery

The road is long, but the mystery leads you on....

Among the deepest forest lies many wonderful legends

Lift your Spirits!
Feel the gentle breezes touch your face.
Let the enchantment take hold of your soul.

Image Provided by Wizards World of Mystery

A starry night compels the soul
to look upward and outward,
to ponder the greatness of the cosmos
and the wondrous frailty of life.

In the hour of adversity be not without hope,
for crystal rain falls from black clouds.
- Persian Poem

One can never consent to creep
when one feels an impulse to soar.
-Helen Keller


Some images provided by Wizards World

Used with Permission
Copyright 2004
Bill Sandy~Mystifying Music

A Spirit page usually contains cheering and shouts.
I believe spirit comes within your soul.
Having the feeling of freedom and wisdom.
I've added things that were inspirational
and full of beauty.
I hope you have enjoyed my Spirit.

A good book has no ending.
-R.D. Cumming