dred loc

let me run my fingers through your dred locs run them all over your body ‘til you holler stop as in life they grow a high on high ohh! how I love a black man on my my lay your body down to give yourself strength as you walk through this world of confrontation rest your weary head and let me run my fingers through your dreds let me run my fingers through your dred locs and rub your body down as I bathe my body in the sun in the land where life began stands a man one with nature with his head held high

lyrics written by Me’Shell Ndege Ocello, from the album Plantation Lullabies, © 1993

The Above Photos originally featured in the book,
BODY&SOUL:the Black Male Book, by Duane
Thomas,intro by Veronica Webb. Copyright 1998.

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The Above Photo originally featured in the book,
Male Super Models: The Men of Boss Models,
Interviews by George Wayne. Copyright 1996.

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Dir M.A.Galluzzo and actor friend Gary Dourdan (Aliens Resurrection) with his new baby Nayla at American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theatre.

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From The Hollywood Reporter, October 20, 2003:
’CSI’ analyst Dourdan tops indie ‘August’
NEW YORK—Gary Dourdan of CBS’ hit series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” has signed to star in the indie feature “Black August” as Black Panther party field marshal and controversial civil rights activist George Jackson. Veteran music video helmer Samm Styles is directing the feature, which goes before the cameras this month in the Bay Area. “August” follows Jackson—also a prominent leader of the Black Guerrilla Family organization—until his death at the hands of San Quentin Prison guards in 1971. Jackson’s writings include the book “Soledad Brother.” Producers on the project are Isiah Ryder, Tcinque Sampson and Andy Hill. Dourdan is repped by Original Film and attorney Michael Gendler. (Ian Mohr)

From PEOPLE Weekly, December 3, 2004: CSI's Gary Dourdan: celebrates his family's many heritages. (Christmas Traditions)

For Gary Dourdan and his kids--daughter Nyla, 6, and son Lyric, 2--December means one special occasion after another: the eight days of Chanukah, Christmas Day and then the seven days of Kwanzaa. "With our family, there are so many mixes, so we tend to celebrate a lot of customs. We light the candles for Chanukah [to celebrate Jewish family members] and the candles are lit for Kwanzaa holiday," says Dourdan, 37. Still, Christmas is always a main event. "Last year we had the biggest tree ever--it was like the Rockefeller Center tree in my living room," he recalls. Dourdan's children, along with other kids, create ornaments out of dough made by his mom, Sandy, who lives nearby. "It's like Santa's little helpers," the actor says. The best part for Dourdan is getting 30 relatives together on Christmas Day. "You look around at your whole family. You realize the Lord is good. Everything is right."

Gary at the Premiere for MR & MRS SMITH, June 2005

From TVGuide.com: Swing Time

February 24, 2005 issue

Sure, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a show loaded with cold corpses. But examine it more closely and the evidence is clear: Two hot bodies are changing the rules on the dark detective drama.
The shift began innocently enough, with studly Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) and sultry Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) wading through a Las Vegas drainpipe to look for clues to a crime earlier this season. Then Catherine stumbled and fell into Warrick's waiting arms. For a fleeting, flirting moment, they seemed on the verge of something steamy in the sewer — until a passerby interrupted.
"I felt that we had entered the zone of tenderness and exhilaration," recalls Helgenberger. Adds Dourdan, grinning: "It's always fun to work with a fine-ass costar."
Apparently, it's also fun to put some heat into a hit show that's usually more about forensics than foreplay. Promises executive producer Carol Mendelsohn, "Before this show is over, some CSI will have sex."
Five seasons into the series, the producers and actors agree that it's time to let people in on the characters' personal lives. "We've come to the understanding that this show is about this group of people and how they solve cases, but also how they interact," says Dourdan, stretching out his 6-foot-2 frame on a bed in the Los Angeles area home where the show is shooting. "It's more fun to do that than pull hair follicles and process them. After five years, you want that."

From Black America Web.com, Fri Mar 24, 2006
Dourdan Fires Back at Ex With Lawsuit

The actor, who plays Warrick Brown on the hit forensics drama, entered a no contest plea after being charged with a misdemeanor battery count last year. He was never charged with rape. He was sentenced to attend domestic violence counseling and to stay away from his former girlfriend Anne Greene.
Now angry Dourdan claims in a new lawsuit that he's the victim of a "fatal attraction" stalker, who called him up to 30 times a day, left threatening messages and slept in her car outside his home.
In the new lawsuit, filed under Dourdan's real name, Gary Durdin, the actor claims Greene set out on "an obsessive crusade" to destroy his "reputation and peace of mind."
The case will be heard in Los Angeles Superior Court in September.

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Gary Dourdan recently appeared as Malcolm X in the television movie "Muhammad Ali: King of the World." His additional television credits include a starring role in the series "Swift Justice" and guest appearances in the series "New York Undercover," "Cold Feet" and "Beggars and Choosers."

Among Dourdan's feature film credits are "Impostor," "Alien Resurrection," "Playing God," "Scarred City," "New Jersey Turnpikes" and "The Weekend."

Dourdan's also an accomplished musician. Dourdan is in the studio working on a pair of upcoming CDs. "I've been really fortunate to have some great people come down and play with me in the studio. I'm trying to push for a late-March release date, but times change, and plans, they change a little bit. I'm a perfectionist, and there are all kinds of new tunes coming out of the studio."

"It's getting increasingly hard to make decisions on which ones I want to choose. They're all my little babies."

It's not surprising that Dourdan has a parallel career in music, since members of his family are musicians, and he used to produce jazz artists for a European label. His repertoire includes guitar, piano, bass, drum and saxophone.

"I'm putting out two different CDs," he says. "One title is 'Chase du Jour,' or 'Chase of the Day.' It's thematic, cinematic music, based off all that good old chase-scene music, maybe from James Bond, Hitchcock films, funky stuff like that."

"The other one is more song-based. I'm working with some vocalists that are friends, putting out more ballads. I have two labels. I license one called Dynamite Joints, in London. Then, I'm putting out the other CD on my own imprint, Temple of Thoughts."

Asked to describe his sound, Dourdan says, "There's neo-soul on it, future jazz, acid jazz, trip hop. It's under that umbrella of electronic music, but it would be organic electronic music."
Information acquired at Zap2It.com

He was born in Philadelphia and now lives in Los Angeles. His birth date is Dec. 11.
Dourdan was born in the Chinese astrology year, Year of the Horse.

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