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Crew 221 Officers and Members!
Here are our fearless members!   Adults and Venturers!
If you need anything please do not hesitate to contact one of us

Tiffany Schaffner
Steph Sanchez

Vice PresidentProg: Whitney
Nicole Barth

Vice President
Admin: Mandi Barth

Shawn Schaffner
Kathryn Greer

Michael Dile

Crew Chaplain -
Venturer- Kirstin Reneau
Venturer - Stephanie Sanchez
Venturer- Shawn Schaffner
Venturer- Kiet Phung
Venturer- daniel Pierce

Venturing Crew Officers Orientation 

Marty Schaffner

Michael Lella

Alicia Reneau

Scott Nutt

Debbie Schaffner

Steven Nutt

Richard Nutt

Joleen Lella

Chris Nutt

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