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Chasing The Wind

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To my little home on the web.Please come in,have a seat and get comfortable.I started writing abuse poetry to help others.If one of my poems helps a child tell or a abused person leave,then thats my greatest gift.I don't think anyone should be abused,not animals,children,men or women.Theres just no excuse for it,I never want anyone to go through what I have.Yet now,I beleive the abuse happened to me for a reason,so I can help others from my past experiences. And I'm here to help in anyway I can.If you need a friend or just want to talk,please contact me anytime.I will answer asap!

Remember the first step to a future free of abuse,is first admitting it is abuse! I done it a million times myself,making excuses,for him.He is not abusing me,he loves me BLAH BLAH!I was lying to myself!I thought it was my fault! WRONG!I pray if you are being abused in any form,you get out now!If you can't do it for you,do it for the children.They are the innocent victims!!Throughout my site you will find useful resources on abuse,please take time to read them,and please sign my guestbook and let me know you was here so I can return your visit! Hugs & Blessings Andrianna

Please note:I'm not a professional,just a PROUD survivor.

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