Fred Peck and the Boogie Woogie Boys

Fred Peck and the Boogie Woogie Boys were a "Rythym and Blues" band with a strong following throughout the Tri-state area.

Based out of Middlesboro, the band visited or performed in the WMIK studios on numerous occasions. They stayed together from 1948 until 1952.

Matthew "Honey" White lead singer and trumpet player started playing with the band after graduation from lincoln High School in 1948. He would later move to Akron, Ohio in 1952.

Bill Ferguson, from Pinevile, Kentucky, played lead guitar and would leave the band in 1949.

Bob Morton replaced Bill Ferguson on guitar and would later move to Detroit.

Fred Peck, the band's namesake, lead singer, and drummer moved to Oklahoma.

Avery White, on piano, moved on to Oklahoma as well, but later returned to Middlesboro.

Clifford Bailey, trumpeter, moved on to Dayton, Ohio, but later returned home to Middlesboro.

Ben Mackim, saxophonist, later settled in Cleveland, Ohio.

During one visit to the WMIK studios, the band was interviewed and joined the host in a game of singing solos. The listening audience would call in and try to guess who was singing. WMIK also played some of the bands dance shows at Lincoln Memorial University.

Fred Peck and the Boogie Woogie Boys were crowd favorites at the Savoy Dance Hall and the Silver Slipper.

Kim White provided all the information for this page, and I thank him for his help in preserving the memory one of Middlesboro's and WMIK's outstanding groups from long ago.

We are looking for tapes from back then. Please let us know if you have recordings!

The two photographs below are great!

The first photograph from left to right are: Clifford Bailey, Matthew White, Ben Mackim, Bob Morton, Avery White, and Fred Peck.

The next photo from left to right: Ben Mackim, Mathew White, Fred Peck, Clifford Bailey, Bob Morton, and Avery White.