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Welcome to
Whispers of Love

There were days when prayers were needed,
I reached out
Experienced a wonderful presence within
Felt the softness of Angel wings
Heard Whispers of Love.
I Believe in Angels.

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Children are God's
Most Precious Gift,
Treat Them Respect
And Love Them Always.
~*~Linda Mikesell~*~

"We are each of us angels
with only one wing, We can only fly
embracing each other."
~Luciano De Crescenzo~

Angels descending,
bringing from above,
Echoes of mercy,
whispers of love.
~Fanny J. Crosby~

This is my first award for this site,
given to me by a good friend & supporter.
Thanks, HannahJane!

Please always remember
to Pray for those in need.

(Whispers of Love, a NVE Website)

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For even when the time comes
For you to say "goodbye,"
The angels will be with you,
They will lift you to the skies.

-Leigh Engle,
"Angels Are Always There"