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Hello and welcome!
Below are some terrific poems
by the original artists!
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Thanks to all who have submitted Poetry!
Hugs and enjoy some great reading!

1~*Sometimes*--Submitted by ~Bonita~
2~*Happy Heart*--Submitted by ~Darlene~
3~*A Special Friend*--Submitted by ~Marian~
4~*Garden of Longing*--Submitted by ~Patricia~
5~*My Online Friend*--Submitted by ~Paul~
6~*Light's Embrace*--Submitted by ~TwoFeathers~
7~*Tears*--Submitted by ~Amber~
8~*Content with myself*--Submitted by ~Carrie~
9~*Cry Not My Child*--Submitted by ~Maria~
10~*Guardian Angel*--Submitted by ~Lady Marquise~
11~*Come My Love*--Submitted by ~Don~
12~*She Waits*--Submitted by ~J. Rick Crabtree~
13~*Mother*--Submitted by ~Manpreet~
14~*Angels Watching...*--Submitted by ~Tams~
15~*Critique The Critic*--Submitted by ~G. E. Graven~
16~*The Deal*--Submitted by ~Sean Randall~
17~*Our Father's Love*--Submitted by ~Katherine Yaunk ~
18~*Your Grace*--Submitted by ~Katherine Yaunk ~
19~*Hidden by the mask*--Submitted by ~Teresa Gligoric ~
20~*I need to ask..*--Submitted by ~Teresa Gligoric~
21~*Sad Girl..*--Submitted by ~Ashleigh ~
22~*Silly Me..*--Submitted by ~Dennis ~
23~*The Game..*--Submitted by ~Anthony ~
24~*My Favorite Friend..*--Submitted by ~Kelly ~
25~*The Storm..*--Submitted by ~Carol ~

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