David C. Hall Photos

David's Photo Album


Air Show
Allen, Courtney
Allen, Mike
Allison, Edgar
Anderson, Dave
Andrews, Erin
Ashby, Dale
Average White Band
Bacharach, Burt
Baker, James
Baker, Paulette
Barnett, Wanda
Bergeron, Wayne
Barton, Brent
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Bodde, Pete
Bogart, Iron Mike (Tower of Power)
Boguslaw, Bob
Bolton, Michael
Bolton, Tim
Bourbonaires, The
Braggs, Larry (Tower of Power)
Branam, Georgia (Aunt Bee Impersonator)
Brawner, Tom
Brock, Dan
Brown, Governor John Y.
Burdette, George
Butler, Hunt
Calipari, John
Caproni's Restaurant Slideshow
Castillo, Emilio (Tower of Power)
Caudill, Danielle (2006 Mountain Laurel Queen Candidate)
Checker, Chubby
Clark, David
Clark, Dr. Thomas
Clayburn, Rick
Clayton-Thomas, David
Clinton, Bill
Clooney, George
Clooney, Nick
Collins, Bootsy
Colonel's Choice Dixieland Band
Comeaux, Linda
Conley, Pete Band
Cook, Rick
Covington, Warren/Tommy Dorsey
Cross, Christopher
Davidson, John
Deceptors, The
DeMoss, Mickie
Dice, Pat
DiMartino, Stevie
DiMartino, Vince
Dixieland South
Eckler, Bob
Ferguson, Maynard
Figg, Greg
Fletcher, Bill
Fletcher, Governor Ernie
Ford, Wendell
Frazer, Marty & Cindy
French, Heather Renee (2000 Miss America)
Funeral Directors Convention 2002
Galbraith, Gatewood
Garibaldi, David (Tower of Power)
Gasdorf, Merle
Gatwood, Dean
Gayle, Crystal
Gentry, Erin
Gillispie, Kata Rhe
Gilpin, Clyde
Giuseppe's Ristorante Italiano Slideshow (There are many photos here, so it may take a moment to download)
Giuseppe's Ristorante Italiano TV Commercial
Goodwin, Gordon (Big Phat Band)
Gordon, Wycliffe
Greenwood, Lee
Hall, Carroll
Hall, David
Hall, David Budweiser Concert
Hall, David (Trio)
Hall, David Family
Hall, David Fishing Hobby
Hall, Melody
Hardin, JR
Harper, Mark (Tower of Power)
Harrod, Kim
Harrod, Reed
Henry, Lt. Governor Steve
Higgins, Norman
Hummel, David
Hurley, Carl
Jazzman Cafe
Jazzman Cafe Pig Roast & Fish Fry
Kingsolver, Barbara
Kingston Trio, The
Kupka, Stephen "Doc" (Tower of Power)
Lake, Tim
Lapham, Dave (Bengals Radio/TV Announcer)
Levy, Howard
Lovano, Joe
Lundergan, Jerry
Macy, Kyle
Madison Avenue
Mag 7
Marsalis, Wynton
McConnell, Senator Mitch
McGinnis, Bill
McGrannahan, Andrew
McIntyre, Onnie (Average White Band)
McLean, Don
Men Of Note, The
Miller, Wayne & Shirley
Mintzer, Bob
Montgomery, John Michael
Moreland, Kevin Group
Morriss, Guy
Moser, Robert
Mountain Laurel Festival Slideshow
Nelson, Kristy (2000 Mt. Laurel Festival Queen)
Nesselrode, Lisa
New Years Eve Party 2002
Newman, Mason
Niewood, Gerry
Noel, Gene
Osborne, Paul
Osland, Miles
Osmond, Marie
Patton, Governor Paul
Peavyhouse, Bill
Piecoro, Jeff
Pointer Sisters, The
Powell, Monroe of The Platters
Politzer, Tom E. (Tower of Power)
Prestia, Francis "Rocco" (Tower of Power)
Preston, Tim "Hoochie Coochie Man"
Pugh, Mike
Ragland, David
Ragland, Melody
Rambo, Doyle
Ramsey, Derrick
Rankin, Jim
Reagan, Ronald
Rechenbach, Danielle
Reddy, Helen
Reed, Billy
Rigdon-Hester, Tina (Bengals Cheerleader)
Renshaw, Will
Ridenour, Dave
Riley, Pat
Ritchie, Chuck
Robinson, Smokey
Royal, Billy Joe
Sedaka, Neil
Sensations, The
Sensations, The Slideshow
Severinsen, Doc
Sherman, Harold
Smith, R.C.
Smith, Roger (Tower of Power)
Spinners, The
Stamm, Marvin
Stamper, Patty
Stineman, Galadriel (2006 Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival Queen Candidate)
Swingmasters, The
Talon Winery Jazz On The Porch
Tate, Roddy
Teague, Alicia
Temptations, The
Thatcher, Paul
Thomas, BJ
Thompson, Chelsee (2005 Mountain Laurel Festival Queen)
Three Dog Night
Toombs, Kyle
Tope, Teresa
Tower Of Power
Various Gig Photos
Vigdor, Fred (Average White Band)
Vizzutti, Allen
Walker, Marty
Walker, Kenny
Wells, Abby (2006 Kentucky Mountain Laurel Queen Candidate)
Wilcutt, Bob
Wilson, Mary (The Supremes)
Wired For Sound
Woods, Ickey
Wynters, Gail
Zack, Dr. George