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If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Tuesday, 12 March 2024
: To Everything there is a Season
Later this summer would have marked my 20th year of involvement in the Linn County Republican Central Committee. 
Over those years I have used vacation and medical days at work at my second shift job to attend meetings, giving up lucrative overtime offers on those nights. 20 years worth of forfeited overtime pay for one day per month adds up to around $50,000. I have donated my time and finances to the efforts of the committee in more ways than one.
For many years I was the county parliamentarian until I deemed it time for someone younger to take over.
For many years any month that the meeting collection did not match the fee for the room. I wrote a check to make up the difference.
When there were complaints that some did not understand Robert's Rules of Order?
I purchased materials at my own expense to hand out.
For many years I have paid the fees for county, district and state conventions for others who were on a fixed income and could not afford to go.
I have been appointed the temporary chair for caucuses. For 3 precincts the last time, once for 19.
I have funded buffets all by myself for 2 Election Parties, neither of which I was able to enjoy, the first because I was just released from the hospital after open heart surgery and could not eat anything that night, the second because I was in the hospital with Covid.
This last caucus I decided that it was time to step down as a voting member if anyone younger wanted to take up the flag.
There was.  According to the state election code which states that a committee person's term "shall continue for two years and until a successor is elected and qualified.
I was no longer a voting Member of the committee. Note that also meant I was not an associate member either.
I appeared before the body per the bylaws and asked to be confirmed as an associate member. That seemed to create an intense stir and when the dust settled, my request was voted DOWN.
During the Convention I heard the charge that for 30 years some have used the rules against others. I have not been around for 30 years but my feelings have always been that those who have rules used against them are because they think they are too good to follow rules.
I do not choose to be found among the latter.
The committee has seen fit to reject my request to be an associate member.

And no, I could not be "rolled over" into an associate because I was not one before the Caucus. Without a vote of the body making me an associate, any other method will require me to compromise my principles and affirm a violation of LCRCC bylaws.
I choose not to do so.
As I have in the past I will abide by the vote of the body.
I wish it the best in the future. I have several new ways that have arisen recently where I can be of service to conservative and Republican ideals.
The Lord never closes one door but He opens another.
I look forward to what the future may bring.

Dan Kauffman

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 1:42 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 14 March 2024 9:49 PM CDT
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