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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Thursday, 10 March 2016
Letter from the chair/ The Rest of the Story

My Responce to some comments by our Chair to the New Members


To all new LCRCC members, I want to welcome you to the Linn County Republican Central Committee and introduce myself

My Name is Dan Kauffman. I understand the Chair sent out an email also welcoming you and made a few statements that
I believe concern me,

This is my response for those who think it is wise to hear more than one side of a Story

Let me put the Crux of the matter that the Chair sent here now

For too many years a small group has bullied and harassed the Linn County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) body, and, in some cases, even the guest speakers who came to address the members.  They have used the ruse of Roberts Rules to intimidate those who are trying to conduct the business of getting Republicans elected. They twist and manipulate the intent of Roberts Rules to the point that we must engage a parliamentarian at every meeting. 
This process has repeated itself every two years for more than the past decade.
1)    The first 2 meetings after caucus bring many new faces.  This small band of detractors makes these meetings so unbearable that many leave. 
2)    The 2 months before the general election, they do something outrageous to either attract negative media attention to the Republican Party or to disenfranchise members of LCRCC who are volunteering to help elect Republican candidates.  
3)    They use blogging, anonymous emails, and fabricated “infractions”, attempting to destroy the reputations of those who dare stand up to them.
4)    One of their group has “threatened to sue” the LCRCC executives, Republican Party of Iowa, and anyone else who tries to hold him accountable. 
5)    Well-intentioned volunteers who have dared attempt to “lead” this organization have left – vowing never to return.
This cycle is now in the process of being repeated. It must be stopped or we all lose!
We need a change of attitude if LCRCC has any hope of being relevant in the effort to elect Republicans in Linn County.  We need you to participate to help heal and move us forward.

I do believe I will fit under the Blogging, Parliamentarian and I feel like I may have been accused of  "fabricating" infractions.

But First let us look at the "This process has repeated itself every two years for more than the past decade."

I first started attending meetings in the Fall of 2004 I have seen 5 Chairs, Abolons (sp?) Conklin, Palmer, Armstrong and Golding

To the best of my recollection the only administrations that had much controversy during meetings were that of Palmer and Golding
So IMO the claim that this problem repeats itself every 2 years is either a "fabrication" or an exageration

As for "They twist and manipulate the intent of Roberts Rules to the point that we must engage a parliamentarian at every meeting. "

The role of Parliamentarian was introduced by the Chair Before Ms Golding a Mr Armstrong

The Committee was emerging from one of the periods of controversy which did exist and there was a general feeling by some
that the previous chair had abused his power and used Roberts Rules of Order ---when we felt like it

Mr Amstrong made a commitment to the Body to follow the Rules of Order, the County Constitution and the By Laws

As an expression of Good Faith he appointed a Parliamentarian


A Post I held for close to 4 years I have also bee Parliamentarian for Special Meetings, County Conventions and I have been Sgt at Arms
at Two State Convetions

I will also be Head Sgt at Arms at the County Convention Saturday

I wish to State categorically that I have never IMO "bullied and harassed the Linn County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) body"

I HAVE pointed out those times when our Executive strayed from the path.

Which brings us to the charge that I " fabricated “infractions”

Our By Laws State that expenses above a certain amount, not budgeted must be approved by the Body they also State that all checks must
be Co-signed by EITHER the Chair or Co-Char AND must ALL be signed by the Treasurer

Sometime back the Chair came to the Treasurer to sign a check and was told the Body would have to approve the expense

Rather than do that she browbeat the Co-Chair into signing with her

This is NOT a fabrication  there exists a check used by the Chair to pay an expense without the authorization of the Body or the signaturue
of the Treasurer., Violations of our By Laws

Our County Constitution States that the Executive Committee is under the ORDERS of the Central Committee and NO decision of the Executive Committee shall conflict with one of the Central Committee

Some time Back the Committee voted to reward volunteers for certain functions,. We had some young people who took that challenge
and ran with it

Then we discovered that the Chair did not FEEL  like paying them and would not sign the checks,.

Our Treasurer at that time had the Co-Chair Sign the Checks  this was brought up in a meeting

It is not a fabrication it happened

Some time later the Treasurer was asked to step aside while some issues were being dealt with the Temp Treasurer and the Chair thus
become responsible for the Rewards Program and


At a later time when it was brought up in a meeting that one of our Young Volunteers was owed a payment

The subject was stonewalled and the Chair did nothing

I and another member of the Committee later decided it was disgraceful that the Committee had not paid this young person
for their efforts dug into our pockets and made them whole

I could give other examples but that would make this too lengthy

I do not know anything about anonymous emails. 

I myself have gotten a few emails ;-)  they were not anonymous

I have also gotten mail from someone who cared enough to by stamps they are quite amusing

The last item I wish to discuss is the Welcome Package you may have gotten at the first meeting

In it there is a Roadmap to Victory in 2016

Part of it says "To accomplish this the Executive Committee moves to accept the following plan for 2015-2016

That is not completely True

This is the THIRD Version I have seen 

There was the Version we DID vote on and pass,

There was another version where I guess they decided they did not like the Team Leader who was Voted by the Body and tried to change it

The Body rejected that attempt

Now this version where they have changed the wording

The Truth is all of the versions are the same EXCEPT for the Section Called Membership & Meeting Setup

The Truth also is that when presented there were something that in hindsight were not right

The Executives told the Committee that

ALL motions and decisions made before the Executives Election were VOIDED by that Election that Robert's Rules of Order said this

AND that they had been told this by a gentleman who is in Iowa Republican Circles one of THE Go To Persons for Parliamentary Procedure

The Problem is?

Neither of those two statements are TRUE

When asked by myself and others the gentleman denied ever telling them that, 

Which is not hard to understand because?  It is NOT in Robert's Rules of Order and in addition one of their circle
actually WENT to the Official Online Roberts Rules of Order Forum and ASKED that 
question and was told NO

I can SHOW that online to anyone who really cares about the Truth

In Conclusion, I don't do Anonymous nor do I do Fabricate

If you want to look at more details the link to the Evil Blog is Below

You now have two narratives it is up to you to determine what the Truth is

The Truth is also the only person who can keep you from helping elect Republicans is YOU

In the last year I have actually supported the LCRCC monetarily more than any other Committee Person
I have also supported fund raisers in about 3 or 4 counties and donated to  7 or candidates in both 
the 1st and 2cd Districts and I am not finished when I was preparing this missive I added everything
up and discovered to Conservative Orgs and Local Candidates I have for the last year donated
about 10% of my income



Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:03 AM CST
Updated: Thursday, 10 March 2016 3:07 AM CST
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Thursday, 10 March 2016 - 7:00 AM CST

Name: "anonymous"

Yes there is more than one side to a story. There is also the whole story. Then there is the truth. 

My advice to readers, look for the rest of the story. You won’t find the story’s context here. You won’t find the details. Consider, if you knew the context and the details you might draw a completely different conclusion. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of leaving out the details and the context? 

This blog is consistently negative. It doesn’t promote the mission of the Linn County Republican Central Committee. It doesn’t advertise or communicate the accomplishments of the LCRCC. It doesn't promote the candidates of Linn County. 

The 2015-2016 Organizational Plan is published in the March, 2015 Minutes of the LCRCC and published on its webpage. According to the minutes the plan was developed by the Executive Committee and approved by the body. It contains the timeline and work that it is the mission of the Linn County Republican Central Committee to accomplish. Precinct Committee Members should read and draw their own conclusions.  
I chose to be anonymous so that you can research the details and the facts and draw your own conclusions. I encourage you to find out the whole story. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016 - 6:06 PM CST

Name: ky/kentuckydan
Home Page:

Anonymous has given some very good advise!

 People SHOULD go to the March 2015 minutes and see what was voted on and passed,.

Here is a link to that

Now pull that up and get out your Handout that your recieved in the Welcome package,.  Look at the Membership & Meeting Setup Team.

Is the wording the same?

There also excists a THIRD version of this  same Plan created by the Officers and making the same claim "To accomplish this, the Executive Committee moves to accept the following plan for 2015-2016 Election Cycle: APPROVED BY VOTE OF THE LCRCC 3/17/15"

And it is different from the other Two versions

What you see in the March 2015 Minutes is what the Committee DID vote on and passed

Can anyone tell me who our first commenter could hinder your search for the truth by not being anonymous? 

Thursday, 10 March 2016 - 6:11 PM CST

Name: ky/kentuckydan
Home Page:

Well those links did not show up so here they are again 

Friday, 11 March 2016 - 1:31 PM CST

Name: "anonymous"

Notice something here. The blogger is not interested in anything positive. He looks for every opportunity to create division, even when none is there.

If you read this, look beyond the bluster and dig into the details. Find out the truth.

Join me in asking why the blogger never supports local Linn County Republican candidates. He doesn't. Have you seen one page here promoting any of our candidates???? 

Come to an LCRCC meeting and see who is presenting ideas to elect Republicans. Who is spending your time seeking to complete the business of the LCRCC effciently and effectively. Who is looking to guide the organization down a path where volunteers can be engaged, productive and positive. Than ask ... who is obviously working against the mission of the LCRCC and comes to disrupt and waste "your" time with petty debates.








Friday, 11 March 2016 - 6:31 PM CST

Name: ky/kentuckydan
Home Page:

Notice how Anonymous is Silent on the "Violations of the By Laws and Constitutiion, The Chair's refusal to pay Young Volunteer as Approved by the Committee.

Also by what means has he determined that I do not support our Canidates?

I challenge him or anyone else to ask that question of Rod Blum, both Dan and Louie Zumbach, Ken Rizer or Randy Ray, I will admit I have yet to donate to the campaigns of  Rene Gadelia or Ashley Hinson but they are on my list,

I have also donated to the State Senate campaigns of two candidates down in 2cd District

You see when I have made a charge I have specified the Sections of the By Laws or Contitution it concerned and ACTUAL Actions

Mr Anonymous (not too hard to figure the identity but let him hide if he wishes to) Just makes up his charges with no knowledge or proof whatsoever.

I guess it is because I am not doing it the way HE wants to

I have made a list of candidates and which ones I have donated to on my Precinct Facebook Page which can be found Here


As for "petty debates" I ask you to consider this

Are Constitutions and the Rule of Law of import to you?

I hope to see everyone at the County Convention tommorrow I will be the Conventions Head Sgt at Arms

Seems not everyone has the same opinion as Anonymous 

Friday, 11 March 2016 - 10:52 PM CST

Name: ky/kentuckydan
Home Page:

Oops I left one out I donated during and after the election to Anne Rosenthal's School Board campaign,  After was because their mail was messed with costing them most of their financial support until it was too late,.

Tell us Mr Anonymous? What did you do to help that candidate? 

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