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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Thursday, 3 March 2016
But The Truth Can Be Positive



Recently the Republicans of Linn County Iowa were introduced to a concept on our Linn County Face Book Pages

Yes it is best to stay away from negativity.

The Truth however can be very Postitive and even Liberating 


Todays lesson on truth concerns a document presented in the New Members Package purported to be the Team Structure Voted upon and passed by the Body of the LCRCC

The problem is that so far the Exectutives have presented 3 versions

They are identical in all respects EXCEPT for the portion which concerns the

Membership & Meeting Setup  Team 

There is the original version that was actually Debated, Voted upon and passed


Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting  (Justin Wasson, Mike Dupree, Deb Dupree) 

 Which had Justin Wasson as the Team Leader

There was a second one, where it seems the Executives decided THEY could alter and change what the Committee Voted on and Passed

Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting (Mike Dupree, Deb Dupree, Justin Wasson uncommitted)  


Then the final version in the New Members Package that did not have the members (not that important)

But DID have an alteration of the wording

Membership & Meeting Setup – Membership attendence records, meeting setup, credentialing for voting


There being a difference between Membership records and Membership attendence records, that was rather important.

Call me funny but I think that when presenting what the Body Voted on and Passed one should restict oneself to what actually happened rather than  what one would prefer to have happened

The Secretary has presented his case for his grab of power in the comments to the previous Post,.

I reccomend those reading this pull up another window and look through his claims

As to his claim about how things were done in the past?

That was voided by the vote establishing the Membership & Meeting Setup Team

As to his claim stated previously that Robert's Rules of Order lists Membership records as a Duty of the Secretary?

That is TRUE

Our By Laws however State

 IX. RULES OF ORDER Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall prevail unless modified by these by-laws.

 It is that last Clause Mr Ellis over looks

 unless modified by these by-laws.

 You see the By Laws are very specific about the Duties of the Secretary they state


 3. The duties of the Secretary are to keep the minutes of the meetings and read them at the following meeting, unless waived.

They don't state

 And all other duties listed in Robert's Rules of Order 

The Body rejected the Secretary's claim of authority over the Membership & Meeting Setup up Team

And DESPITE the Section of the County Constitution which states


The Executive Committee is subject to the orders of the Linn County Central Committee, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions of the Linn County Central Committee. 

He keeps making the Claim

I just wish he would refrain from trying to rewrite history and work with the Team

They are willing to work with him 

But his "Work together" 

Seems to consist of them doing what He tells them to do.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:01 AM CST
Updated: Saturday, 5 March 2016 3:53 PM CST
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Sunday, 6 March 2016 - 10:49 AM CST

Name: "Gary Ellis"

Kentucky Dan, here are some proposals for future posts on your Blog:

- A page promoting the election of Harry Foster as House District Rep[resentative in HD 65.

- A page promoting the election of Ashley Hinson to replace Karig Paulsen as House District Representative in HD 67. 

- A page promoting the election of Radny Ray as Superviosr District #4

- A page promoting the election Of Rene Gadelha as State Senator for Senate Distric 34

- A page promoting the re-election of Ken Rizer as House Disatrict Representative in HD 68.

- A page promoting the election of Louie Zumbach as House Distric t Representaive to HD 95.

- A page promoting attendance at the Linn County Republican Central Committee Lincoln Dinner where Sen. Grassley is the keynote speaker.

- A page promoting the re-lection of Senator Grassley 

- A page promoting a call to action by precinct committee members to organize their precincts and build Republican support at the grass roots level to support the 2016 election.

- A page to celebrate the huge increrase in the 2016 Linn County Caucus where 11,600+ Linn County residents came out to support the Republican Party. The Republican Party did much better than the Democratic Party in Linn County and across the state.

All of these ideas are in the best interest of explaining the positive activities and accomplishements of the Linn County Republican Central Committee. This is the largest field of Republican candidates in Linn County in some time.

Seems like you as an elected precinct committee member of the Linn County Republican Central Committee would have as your first priority would be to promite the organization, Republican candidates and the accomplishment of the body.  



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