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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Thursday, 22 January 2015
In Their Own Words

A few days ago I posted about an issue with our Chair and a couple of Local Business Owners,who have over the years supported Conservative Causes and the Republican Party with their Time, their Donations of Kind and Cash to the tune of thousands.

That post was  Show Us The Proof 

At the last County Central Committee Meeting they gave the Committee a Letter outlaying their position and reasons for not paying a $200 Bill they feel they did not agree to.

So Now I will post their side of the story here

In Their Own Words,

After which I will add a few of my own


Dear Linn County Republican Central Committee Member,


This past Thursday, January 15th, I received an email from your chairwoman, Cindy Golding, wrongly accusing my business of failing to pay on a $200.00 advertising bill for a Senate Primary debate back in March.   I am writing this letter for two reasons: One, to set the record straight before my business relationship with the Linn County Republicans is damaged beyond repair, and Two: To express my anger at the way my business partner and I have been slandered and threatened by your County Chairwoman, Cindy Golding. 

In either late February or early March of 2014, (I do not recall) I received a phone call from Chairwoman Cindy Golding at my business, Godfather’s Pizza.  Mrs. Golding asked me to place an ad in the program for an upcoming Senate Primary debate.  I told her that because it was our busiest time of the day, I did not have time to discuss an ad with her, but Mrs. Golding said that she had “no time to wait.”  Although I was insulted by her pushiness, I told her she would speak to my business partner, Teresa Williams, who handles all of our advertising.  We could send her a copy of our ad art then we would have to see a proof copy of the brochure prior to approval. 

My business has a strict advertising policy that includes two separate requirements:  We MUST be presented with a contract to sign, and we MUST be provided a proof copy of the printed material in order to give final approval before distribution. Mrs. Golding DID NOT honor either of those requirements.  My business partner and I were NOT given a contract, and we were NOT presented with a copy of the final printing we require for final approval.  Because Mrs. Golding failed to fulfill the requirements we stated to her, any agreement she may have assumed she had with us DID NOT EVEN EXIST.  Furthermore, the artwork Teresa Williams had sent for a sample ad was inserted and used WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. 

Although the absence of any type of contractual agreement left us owing absolutely nothing, we nevertheless received an invoice for $200.00 from Kim Reem of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women, at the direction of Cindy Golding.  The invoice was followed by continued demands for payment from Mrs. Golding. To pay the $200.00 that we did not owe would have indicated our acknowledgement that an agreement WAS fulfilled.  Because of Mrs. Golding’s failure to meet our requirements, her use of our logo without permission, and her unprofessional behavior throughout this ordeal, any sort of payment for any reason was simply out of the question. 

I responded to Cindy Golding’s latest email, in which she stated her intention to bring this issue before your Central Committee and threatened me with negative publicity, during the morning of Saturday the 17th.  In my response, I recommended to Mrs. Golding that she drop the issue immediately and cease her slanderous remarks about me, my partner, and our business.  Less than 24 hours after I responded, an individual named James Knox posted defamatory messages about my business all over Facebook on our company page, the Linn County GOP Iowa Facebook page, and over 20 other peoples’ personal Facebook pages, claiming that my business does not pay its bills and calling on Linn County Republicans and others to boycott my business.  In one of his statements on Facebook, Mr. Knox references my email response to Cindy Golding on Saturday, January 15th

Since Cindy Golding feels compelled to share my emails with those who in turn slander my business and its people, I in turn feel compelled to share copies of all of the slanderous statements made about my business to my attorney, along with copies of all of our communications with Cindy Golding.  I will also be forwarding items to the Godfather’s, Inc. corporate attorneys if necessary. 

I have been a staunch supporter of Republican and conservative causes for a great many years.  I have opened my business to the Linn County Republican Central Committee for a countless number of meetings, training sessions, and other activities, all at no charge, with no minimum purchase requirements, and no limits to the amount of time my facilities are used.  These meetings, training sessions, and other activities include poll watcher training, caucus training, convention preparation meetings, and candidate meet-and-greets.  Furthermore, I extend my open door policy to organizations that are not affiliated with the Republican Party, but are still made up largely by your members, such as the local Tea Party group and more.  While many businesses have begun to ostracize conservatives, I welcome them with open arms.  I have also provided unquantifiable support during meetings and campaigns in the form of free or discounted pizzas which easily equal the value of THOUSANDS of dollars.  To be treated this way in return—and by your county chairwoman, at that—is absolutely disgusting.  In order to continue our otherwise-excellent relationship, I ask this Central Committee to please discourage your chairwoman, Cindy Golding, from making any more of her despicable attacks on my business. 



Keith Lacy



During the last County Central Committee Meeting both the State Chair and a Local State Central Committee Member spoke to us about the importance of not doing anything that could hinder Getting Republicans Elected.

I submit that the above is NOT the way to Get Republicans Elected

That slandering long time Conservative Donors is the opposite of Working to Get Republicans Elected.

Obviously there is a difference of opinion as to this Bill.

A wise person would take personal responsibility for their own mistake,

Would make the  Iowa Federation of Republican Women whole by paying the $200 and would apologise to Keith and Teresa for any unintended slight they might have done,

Now as to an appropriate action for a Webmaster who starts a boycott of a Republican Donors business posts the same on the County Republican Party Facebook Group Page and also posts it on the Facebook pages of some 20 other people including a sitting Congressman's page?

That is something the Committee will have to deal with.

We need to try to get it on the floor before 8:30 PM though. 

I mean if we really want to Get Republicans Elected we need to keep our own house clean,. 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:57 AM CST
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Thursday, 22 January 2015 - 4:19 AM CST

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