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Real Musgrave first made Pocket Dragons in 1989. These cute little green dragons have made millions of people smile ever since then. I get proof of that every time I bring in one of my Pocket Dragon Gazettes to school. All my friends are nonstop saying how cute they are! One of my friends, in fact, told me that she had to be careful for otherwise her voice might stick in that "oooh how cute" tone! :)

I have a very limited number since I just started collecting these cuties last Christmas. Altough my family and I had given two of these to my mom in earlier years.
For Christmas I got....

The DriverThe Driver
"Drving is serious business and requires the proper attitude and attire. This pint-sized enthusiast has outfitted himself in a natty green English snap-brim cap and leather driving gloves (only a tiny bit too big!). He's confident of his abilities and ready for the road."
This one really seems like me, for I just turned 15 last October! So, now I get to be one of the "drivers", too. I think this little guy and I should just go take the car now and hit the highway! :) (Just have to wait for the parents to get in the car, too ;)

But I'm Too Little!But I'm Too Little
"'But I'm too little! I can't possibly do that!' Ever wonder why Pocket Dragons think they are big enough to make fudge, but much too little to wash the dishes."
Now, don't we all wish we could say that!?! :) Sadly though when you are 5'9", you just can't get anyway with that anymore. My younger brother can at least get anyway with that line every now and then. I guess there are good points to being the littlest!

Our Hero Pin! Our Hero Pin
"Adventure stories and tales of derring-do have captured the imagination of Our Hero. Sowerd in hand, he prepares to defend the weak...and save the cookies."
Well, at Christmas time, I saw "Our Hero" in the store and thought that he would make the best present for my sister. So, my dad told me to go wait outside the store with my sister. At Christmas time, my sister did get "Our Hero" in the tin. But I got the Pocket Dragon Club Membership and the pin! :) Now, if only my sister would come home from college, and leave "Our Hero" at home.... ;)

He Ain't Heavy...He's My Puffin! "He Ain't Heavy...He's My Puffin"
"Some of your friends and family members may be a little strange, but how many of them ride on your head and dangle a foot in your face? But it's OK - He ain't heavy...he's my puffin."
Does giving your older sister a piggy back ride count? I can bet that not many people can claim, that they gave their older sisters piggy back rides. But then again who can claim to have given a puffin a heady back ride except for that cute little Pocket Dragon to the left?

The Littlest Reindeer
"With a jingle bell around his neck and felt antlers on his head he makes a wonderful reindeer. The letter by his side helps to explain hsi choice of costume, "Dear Santa", it says "the cookies are for your reindeer."
He is just so cute! From the minute I saw him in the Pocket Dragon Gazette. Summer 1998 I knew that I had to get him. So, the when I found him on the net for only $36, he quickly came into my house. He is a wonderful enjoyment to my collection.

If you have the little story for "Friends" could you please email it to me? Thanks!

I decided that I didn't want to crowd this page too much, so I have put Friends and Let Make Cookies on another page with New Rise & Shine and Take Your Medicine. You can find them on here

My family has a few more Pocket Dragons. The ones that belong to other people than myself in my family, are listed here: My Family's Pocket Dragons

I have made a Pocket Dragon Check List. I have all the Pocket Dragons I could find and all the gifts I could find on there. Go There If you find that I am missing something, please email me

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