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"Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity." (George Bernard Shaw)

"Bright Eyes" Sung by Nick Fletcher in Real Audio

Just imagine that you are sitting in your house watching television with your family and having supper and suddenly a Bulldozer appears out of nowhere and knocks down one of your bedrooms.

The next night it appears again and knocks down another bedroom and the same the following night.

On the third night it knocks down your kitchen.

The next night your bathroom.

You only have one room left for you and your family.



Why is there so little money available for World Wildlife Conservation?
Maybe this is the reason

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The world's politicians are too busy spending billions on building bigger and better weapons

This page will be dedicated to the suffering and destruction of the animal life on this planet. To see some frightening statistics on the current state of the environment click here.

I would hope that you who visit this page will take the opportunity to write/e-mail/phone the addresses that I provide to stop this decimation of our planetary flora and fauna. You can make a difference by starting here.
If you come across any acts of cruelty to animals in your local area please follow the guidelines listed here and lodge a complaint with your local government authorities.

I would appreciate it you would take the time to visit this site which is one of the most disturbing I have come across since I connected to the internet two years ago. It describes the cruelty inflicted on dogs and cats by the people of South Korea. The horrors inflicted on these happless creatures on a daily basis makes me cringe. I have spent two weeks now writing e-mails to everyone that I can think of to implore them to protest to the South Korean Government in the strongest possible terms. South Korea will be the setting for the 2002 World Soccer Cup. I hope to expose their cruelty to the world before this event. Here you will find more graphic evidence of the Korean attitude to dogs and cats and remember......this in happening daily

Dogs in China
South Korea is not the only place in Asia where dogs are routinely slaughtered. These photos were taken in Xichang Province in China where dogs are daily taken from breeding farms and have their throats cut and are bled to death in the manner seen below whilst other dogs look on. You will find more disturbing photos here.

A dog being dragged off to be butchered

The dog's blood is drained from the throat whilst it is still conscious

A young dog looks on awaiting his turn

Barbarism in Asia

An Irish Wolfhound locked in a cage outside a Tokyo pet shop unable to even turn around

Cages full of unwanted dogs are drowned at a city dog pound in Taiwan

Dogs and cats and the Global Fur Trade
A recent investigation has uncovered the trail used by people involved in the use of dogs and cats for the global fur market. Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats in the Phillipines and Thailand are captured daily by roving trucks and then taken away to be hung while their fellow animals look on. They are hung through the top of the cage so as to not leave any marks on the fur or skin which are then shipped to places such as Japan for manufacture of drums and these are forwarded to the rest of Asia, Europe and the US.

This site operated by the Humane Society of the US contains video footage of the operation of that trade and please be warned, the footage is very graphic.

Horror In Africa

The Gorillas of Africa which now number some 650 in total are being subject to daily slaughter in their remaining habitats. If something is not done immediately to help them, their species will disappear forever. They are being killed and sold as "bush meat" by loggers and forest dwellers.
The World Society for the Protection of Animals are doing their best but they need more help if these poor creatures are to be saved.

You can also help by adopting a Gorilla at the Dian Fosey Gorilla Fund Page.

The "Dancing Bears of INDIA"
Indian bear cubs are kidnapped from their natural habitat and have a carpet needle passed through their snout(nose) and a rope is then passed through and they are trained through "Nose Training" to "DANCE" The dances are performed before tourists in the major tourists sites in India especially New Delhi and including the Taj Majal. An Australian animal aid agency has taken up the fight to reclaim these poor creatures and to return them to where they belong. They are curently classified as an "Endangered Species" Please go here and help save these poor bears

I have just watched on Australian Television tonight 30/4/98, footage of the remnants of the Orang Utans habitat in Indonesia. Despite the fact that 80% of the species home has been destroyed by man made fire in the past 12 months these people are STILL lighting fires to clear land to grow crops and log the rainforest. The results of their last twelve months work has left the landscape looking like the lunar surface and has destroyed almost all the rainforest where the Orang Utan lived. They have effectively now got nothing to eat and nowhere to go. In Indonesia an Australian Television film crew was offered an Orang Utan baby for Aus$5 by villagers who had burnt down the forest in order to plant crops. A forest which was the Orang Utan's family home. It's parents perished in the fire. 24/11/98 - Recent reports from Indonesia indicate that 90% of the orang Utan's habitat in Borneo and Sumatra has been destroyed by forest fires that were given approval by the Sohato Government. It appears that WSPA are attempting to rescue the remaining Urang Utans and their cubs from what is left of the rainforest and transporting them to the only Nature Reserve left in the area.

The human race evolved on this tiny piece of dirt surrounded by water and immediately took it upon themselves to destroy everything on it through greed and averice and basically not giving a damn about the consequences.

In the following pages I will demonstrate the pathetic behaviour of the human species toward those with which we share this planet, the animals, the fish and every other creature that has as much right to be on this ROCK in space as we have.

In the past two years I have seen video tapes of:
1) Sun Bear parents being slaughtered in Cambodia and their cubs being taken to Korea and Japan where their paws are amputated whilst still alive in order to supply the people of these counties with "fresh bear paw soup"

Thailand based Irish conservationist Shane Beary once watched a group of Koreans eat bear. The tourists, seated in a circle, "calmly watched bears being hit with sticks before being suspended in a net above a large cauldron and lowered into boiling water to be cooked alive."

2) In Pakistan Asian Black Bear parents are slaughtered and the cubs are taken and raised in cages in which they are unable to lift their arms. They are declawed and ALL their teeth are extracted. They are raised in these confined conditions to eventually be taken to the mountain regions of Pakistan where they are tethered to a rock and Pit Bull Terriers are let loose on them whilst the on looking crowd make bets on how long it will survive. Having no way to defend itself it is slowly torn apart by the dogs. Actual video of this happenining was shown on Australia's 60 Minutes. The video was made covertly. A number of Pakistani Army Officers were evident in the front row making bets on the outcome.

3) The Chinese practice of keeping bears in cages in which they cannot move whilst a permanent drip is inserted into their stomaches in order to milk "bile" on a daily basis to satisfy the needs of "Traditional Chinese Medicine".

The Chinese have also been responsible for the destruction of the world's Tiger population with less than 6000 left in the wild.

4)The Japanese Fishing Fleet operating in Australian Waters hauling sharks half way on-board and slicing their fins off before letting the shark slide back into the ocean.

The fins fetch a high price on the Japanese market for "Shark Fin Soup". Their LONG LINE and DRIFT NET boats which can put over board 60 miles of net to kill everything that crosses their path including Dolphins and Albatross. They are literally clearing the oceans of these species. They claim to kill whales for "Scientific Research" however the whalemeat just happens to turn up on the tables of expensive restaurants in Tokyo. The Norwedgians are no better in their determination to eliminate whales.

5) The treatment of domestic animals in the so called "Civilised World" including America, Britain, Australia and more than likely most of Europe. The Animal Refuges are over flowing with cases of mal-treatment by owners. I can only speculate on the "third world"

6) The maltreatment of animals in Zoos in a lot of Europe and especially the former Eastern Block where the so called "Exhibits" i.e. the animals, live in terrible conditions. The animals which probably wonder if they will be fed the next day never mind the atrocious conditions in which they live to satisfy the greed of the Zoo owner.
Animals suffer from more than neglect in some zoos. When Dunda, an African elephant, was transferred from the San Diego Zoo to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, she was chained, pulled to the ground, and beaten with axe handles for two days. One witness described the blows as "home run swings". Such abuse may be the norm. "You have to motivate them" says San Francisco zookeeper Paul Hunter of elephants, "and the way you do that is by beating the hell out of them"
Personally I think Mr Hunter could do with some "motivation".

7) The United States where the "Good ol' Boys" kidnap Jack Russell Terriers and break one of their legs before throwing them into a ring with a Pit Bull Terrier to "blood" it. Simply because the little Jack Russell with a big heart will fight against the odds for as long as it can draw a breath. All to win bets with dogfights.

8) In Canada where the Government has once again given the official go-ahead for the annual slaughter of Harp Seal Pups because the local population has already decimated the fishing stocks and they have to murder something to make a dollar. The television footage of this barbaric practice with clubs where the pups and their parents are battered and their bodies dragged onto ships would bring a tear to anyones eye. Conservationists and marine researchers have secretly filmed this orgy of bloodletting and have shown that a lot of the animals are not killed outright but simply thrown in a heap and left to a slow and lingering death.

9) Those who are destroying the rain forests, the loggers, the Captains of Industry who bleed the lungs of the earth dry for the last buck and that includes Australia where the last of the continental rainforest is teetering on the brink of extinction.

10) The Horse Racing Industry where horses which "don't make the grade" that is don't make any money are routinely sent to the slaughter house to end up as either pet food or a cullinary delight on some French dinner table. A recent program on Australian television filmed by Channel 4 in the UK followed the trail of "failed horses". The trail from England led to slaughter houses in europe where the animals are destroyed en masse, even horses from the Queen's Stable. A similar fate lies for failed greyhounds although they usually end up on a vivisector's table or in a mass dumping ground. So much for the "civilised west". The atitude is that that once an animal is no longer bringing in any money they don't deserve to reside on the planet. Horses in the USA.

11) Vivisection where animals are captured or bred for experimentation. This happens in most societies. I know a number of local councils in Western Australia which routinely give stray cats and dogs to local research centres where they are subject to the cruelest of treatments in the search to further human knowledge. The Multinational cosmetics companies have been carrying out animal testing for decades. These terrified monkeys await their fate in a sterile empty cage.


A sheep carrier at Fremantle Docks

I live in Perth Western Australia, home of Australia's Live Sheep Export Trade. The ship above is one of those used to carry thousands of live sheep to the Middle East where the ships have been known to sail around for weeks on end trying to find a country to accept the animals after the contracting country has refused to accept them due to the diseased state of the animals. These ships are huge floating cages where the sheep are confined for weeks on end, a substantial number dying on route to their ultimate destination. I have seen these ships many times docked at the Fremantle Docks. The sheep are transported from the rural areas of the state in large livestock carriers. I have seen these trucks lying idle on the side of the road at times fully loaded in 40C(110F) heat with sheep which are tightly squeezed in to prevent movement. A lot have their legs stuck in the latticed sides of the carrier unable to free them until they are off loaded at the docks. I see them often travelling along the main roads of Perth on their way to the docks.It is a pitiful sight. The transporter below overturned in an accident with the death of all it's load.

Maybe these were the lucky ones

The South African Government has stopped accepting these shipments because of the cruelty involved in their transport however the Australian Federal and Western Australian State Governments continue to support the trade fearing the loss of what the see as valuable income for the country. This abomination has to stop!
If you would like to support the people fighting to end this cruel practice please go here and send your protest to the ones responsible for it. Thank you.

In relation to the list I made above, I will as much as I can, bring to the attention of the "RESPONSIBLE AUTHORITIES" the absolute disgust with which I hold their attitude and treatment of the animals which have as much right to live on the planet as they do.

I will be researching as much as I can to uncover those countries and Governments who give succor to these planetary rapists.

If there is anyone out there who comes across any instances of such goings on I would appreciate it if they could contact me at my e-mail address below.

"The fight is not for us, not for our personal wants and needs. It is for every animal that has ever suffered and died in the vivisection labs, and for every animal that will suffer and die in those same labs unless we end this evil business now! The souls of the tortured dead cry out for justice, the cry of the living is for freedom. We can create that justice and we can deliver that freedom. The animals have no-one but us, we will not fail them." - Barry Horne
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