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'Historic agreement'
marks a new beginning

On 27 May 2000 the Ulster Unionist Council voted to return to the Northern Ireland Assmebly. It can only be hoped that the Assembly can now be given a chance to work for all the people of the North.

The memories of the past 30 years will not go away but for the sake of the next generation the current crop of politicians have the opportunity now to forge a new beginning and they should grasp it with both hands.

No More - bombs, bullets, rocket launchers
No More - petrol bombed houses
No More - teaching kids how to hate
No More - painted kerb stones and flag lined streets
No More - military - paramilitary collusion
No More - police partiality
No More - assasinations, keecappings, sixpacking, 50/50 jobs
No More - triumphalist marches
No More - drunken bonfire nights on the 12th of July
No More - sectarian hate sprouting politicians and clergy
No More - "I won't talk to them"
No More - babies, siblings and parents sent to their graves
No More - parents and siblings having to grieve


NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In memory of Omagh

At the Omagh Memorial Service on the Saturday after the bombing Juliet Turner from Dromore near Omagh stood on the steps of the Omagh Court House and sang a song to the 40,000 people gathered there. It is called "Broken Things". She brought tears to my eyes and I know to a lot of other people around the world. You can see the video here or listen to the song here with Real Player for as long as the BBC have it available.

These are the words:

You can have my heart

But it isn't new

It's been used and broken

And only comes in blue

It's been down a long road

And it got dirty on the way

If I give it to you will you make it clean

And wash the pain away

You can have my heart

If you don't mind broken things

You can have my heart if you don't mind these tears

Well I heard that you make old things new

So I give these pieces all to you

If you want it you can have my heart

So beyond repair

Nothing I could do

I tried to fix it myself

But it was only worse when I got through

Then you walked right into my darkness

And you speak words so sweet

And you hold me like a child

Till my frozen tears fall at your feet

You can have my heart

If you don't mind broken things

You can have my heart if you don't mind these tears

Well I heard that you make old things new

So I give these pieces all to you

If you want it you can have my heart

Song written by Julie Miller

I sway between despair and hope when I see features of Northern Ireland Society. Below are examples of both.


Alistair was a victim of the Omagh Bombing and here he is meeting two of his sporting heroes Damon Hill and Neil Jordan


This is the face of what may be the future of Northern Ireland unless Parents there throw off the sectarian yoke and teach their children that everyone is entitled to live as an equal in society. This child must be all of six years old and was taken outside the first sitting of the new Assembly. God help us..

Northern Ireland's
Latest News

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Latest Political comment"Ian Paisley - he's been thrown out of more places than Alex Higgins -David Ervine, Progressive Unionist Party, "
And could the reason be this?

I left Northern Ireland when I was 16 years of age. My principle reason for leaving was because I could see no hope in a society which seemed to me at that age to have its finger on the self destruct button. I believed that at some point in time all the protagonists to the conflict would have to sit down around a big table and have a chat....if only for the sake of their children. There an old Irish saying.."You're a long time dead". Well there has never been a truer word spoken. As a kid in I witnessed a lot of things that I would never like other kids to witness and it left a mark on me...but....when it all comes down to it you have to look around you and think.."Something has to improve here".

Now, rather than throw my hands up in the air and say "I give up!" like a lot of people do.....and I did the same thing when I was a kid....and say that there is no point in doing anything I would like to keep the world ..well... as many people as those that visit these pages..updated on the current peace process by way of providing information on current links to the parties involved and independant comments (if I can find any) on just how they are progressing. I reserve my own political beliefs..primarily because they are mine and mine alone and I do not believe in foistering my opinions on other people..similarily my religious beliefs which dissapated when I was knee high to a scooter.

My only aim in doing this page is to give people some understanding to what is going on at the present time in the North of Ireland and to gather support for a "peace" that surely must come. As you will probably see below every man and his dog(Belfast expression) has been involved here. I think it's high time that all the "experts" and "professionals" got off the scene. Not forgetting "the same old politicians" and "others" who have been sprouting hatred for the last 29 years while lining their own pockets by fanning the flames everytime there is a lull and a scent of normality emerging ....Thank you for visiting.

"Zombie" by The Cranberries


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The "Real" IRA. Responsible for the recent slaughter in Omagh. The web site for this organisation has been removed from the net by Geocities.
The political wing of this group is the 32 County Sovereignty Committee(now Movement). Their page has also been removed by Geocities. I should think so too.


Red Hand Defenders Recently formed and responsible for at least one murder and a number of gun attacks
Orange Volunteers Recently formed and has claimed murder and attempted murders previously claimed by the Red Hand Defenders
Combined Loyalist Military Command - ceasefire in operation (C.L.M.C. This is an umbrella organisation comprising the U.V.F., the Red Hand Commandos, the U.D.A., and the U.F.F.) It has been confirmed that the C.L.M.C. has been disolved as at the 3rd week of October 1997, however the body has claimed that the current participant ceasefires will hold.
Ulster Volunteer Force - ceasefire in operation (U.V.F. - this is the page of the political wing of the U.V.F. The Progressive Unionist Party of Northern Ireland)
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Loyalist Volunteer Force - on ceasefire (L.V.F. - splinter group from U.V.F. - research continuing although this would appear from recent events to be the political wing of the organisation)


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