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(Okay, okay. So Vegeta isn't a Voltron character. I couldn't neglect him, though, especially since he's dressed up so nicely. If you want to complain, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to assist you into another dimension. ;)

Here's What's New...

August 12, 2000: WHOOOOO DAWGIES! *wipes dust off Vegeta's tux* Feels like months since I've been back here! *checks date* Uh...heh heh...probably because it has. ;) Anyway...I finally do have some new additions -- the first is two new sections to "A Strange Reflection" (yes, that's right, the story on the "Other Stories" page that hasn't been updated in forever - I recommend goin' back and rereading the first parts. They're short but probably forgotten by now *G*). The second is a pic that goes along with that story -- you'll see a thumbnail link for it at the bottom of Part 5. Third and lastly, I made a few changes to the contributed fanfic guidelines on the "What is this?" page. Nothing major -- just realized that I'd sort of rethought things since I first created the site. I'm working on some more stuff at the moment so I should be able to update again soon. Please don't give up on me! ;)

February 13, 2000: About all I did was redesign the Other Collections page and add a new picture and a new link to it. If the new version runs to slow, make sure to tell me so I can change it back.

January 24, 2000: Well, added a goofy new pic to the Other Collections Page and make sure to read the below entry, too...

January 20, 2000: A slightly weird addition: A new page for an RP board. Go check it out and see if it interests yah. SADOD RPG.

January 3, 2000: HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! I haven't done much with my vacation...but I did manage to add a new part to Prince of the Fallen in the main library. Enjoy. ;)

December 11, 1999: Um...I decorated for Christmas as part of my comprehensive "Avoiding Finals" program. Enjoy the decor and the awful poetry. ;)

December 8, 1999: Hurrah! A new chapter was added to "Princess of the Chronicle" in the Family Library!

November 17, 1999: A pretty new holiday banner. Apologies to Merla's a joke. I swear. ;)

November 4, 1999: Yay! There's a new part to Eliza's "Kingdom in the Balance" up in the library!

October 29, 1999: Nothin' TOO special...I added a festive Halloween midi to the intro page and also added slightly larger and easier to see versions of the cartoony characters from the banner to the Fanart section.

October 28, 1999: Hur hur. I made a pretty Happy Halloween banner for the front page. If you couldn't tell, that chick on the left is supposed to be Merla. Thing is, I've never actually seen her and could only find one picture. So, I have no idea if it looks like her or not. Though, considering it's a cartoon of a cartoon anyway, I don't guess it matters too much. ;)

October 5, 1999: Ummm...I just learned how to make image maps so I tried one on the intro page. I tried to make it sorta small so it wouldn't bog things down. If you have problems with it or it's too slow to load, tell me and I'll go back to the old layout.

October 3, 1999: There's a new part to Canyon 315's "Day of One" in the Family Library, as well as a new part to my "Prince of the Fallen". Will wonders never cease? Oh...and on a smaller note, I added that "Sven For The Blue Lion Advocate" banner to the intro page a little bit ago...and then I added the little cartoon above it yesterday just for the heck of it.

September 23, 1999: We have two new pictures and two new stories from Tamysan. The pictures are on the Other Collections page and the stories are on the Other Stories page, right here.

September 14, 1999: Well, after a computer meltdown, Eliza finally got back with us to add a new part to her story "Kingdom in the Balance". Yay!

September 12, 1999: Put up two new pictures on the Other Collections page, one by Samara and one by myself.

September 10, 1999: Um...nothin' too special. One of my friends keeps nagging that I should make my my pages need to be similar to make a good I added those header graphics to each page. Works for me. ;)

September 5, 1999: Whelp, did a little re-decorating of the Lighter Side of Doom page (I knew I'd find something to do with those two new drawings of mine!) and also added a new item to that page, as well.

September 1, 1999: Joy! There are two new pics up under the Fanart section of the Other Collections page. One by myself and one by the ever-talented Samara. Go see! Go see! Oh yes, and I also added the link to Samara's page: Sugarlite's Lotor Shrine.

August 26, 1999: Okay...a few big changes. First, I've decided to go ahead and put stories not directly connected to the storyline on a new page -- the Other Stories page is up and running. This means that the "Other Fanfics" section will be removed from the "Other Collections" page. Secondly, we have two new short pieces in the new library by Canyon 315. Go and give 'em a look.

August 14, 1999: It's a miracle! I actually added a new part to Prince of the Fallen. Take an umbrella if you go outside. Pigs might be flying. All jokes aside, I also added that nifty "No Lotor Bashing" banner to the intro page and will very soon be adding some more work by Canyon 315.

July 30, 1999: Well, I'm back from vacation and ready to get back to work (sort of ;). Anyway, I've put up a Poll Page to get some ideas from you about how to make this page better and I moved the picture that was my away message to the Fanart page.

July 9, 1999: WOW! Lotsa new stuff!! The conclusion of Canyon 315's story is up in the Library as well as a new story by Jessie called "Princess of the Chronicles" AND a short piece by myself.

July 2, 1999: We've got a new fanfic in the library by Canyon 315. Very exciting and fun. Check it out.

June 1, 1999: Saint Erythros has sent in Part One of "A Faerie Story". It's up in the Library. She also sent in a lovely illustration of one of her characters, located now in the Other Collections: Fanart section.

May 19, 1999: A miracle! The first part of another new story is up in the Library!

May 18, 1999: Hurrah!! Our first story was contributed by Eliza and is now up in the Family Library. Take a look. T'is fabulous!

May 1, 1999: Did a little redecorating on the Character and Family Library pages. What do you think?

April 29, 1999: Added a new picture to the Fan Art section of the Other Collections page. Ironically, I am not a fan of who I drew. She just sort of happened. Now, excuse me while I go slap some sense into myself. ;)

April 27, 1999: Dude. I added two entire parts to my "Prince of the Fallen" fic.

April 23, 1999: I begged for some feedback. ;)

March 29, 1999: I added a new link. Go ahead and say it...I know you want to...Ooooo...ahhhh... ;)

March 28, 1999: A new bit was added to "Prince of the Fallen" in the Family Library. Take a look and tell me what you think.

March 19, 1999: I added two new weird jokes to the "Lighter Side" page.

March 18, 1999: I just added a new page: "The Lighter Side of Doom". S'for humor and stuff.

March 4, 1999: Just finished a major facelift to the intro page. I think it looks better than it did. The original one can still be reached by the link at the top of that page, if you want to get back to it.

February 26, 1999: I added some new links and a new webring. Pretty darn exciting, huh? ;)

February 24, 1999: I put up a piece of one of my stories in the Family Library. I still have a lot to do with it. I basically just put it up so the page wouldn't be so empty anymore ;).

February 21, 1999: Whelp...didn't do to much. Just added some border type backgrounds and finished fixing up my Guestbook. Finally got it working right!!

February 17, 1999: I just added a nifty Guestbook. I still working on customizing it, but it's up alla same.

February 12, 1999: Guess what? We've got our first contribution on the way! I've got the character descriptions posted and now we just have to wait for their stories. Hurrah! I also added a new picture to my gallery. Have a look.

February 2, 1999: I added this page. much newer can it get? Actually, I just had to find somewhere to show off this nifty Vegeta pic. I added the tux, tray, and text myself. Yay, me. ;)

February 1, 1999: I finished putting the page together for the most part and applied to a few Webrings, as well.

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