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  ~The Fall of Doom~  

The galaxy had long suffered under the tyrannical grip of King Zarkon. Only the planet Arus, once destroyed by the evil king, stood to challenge him.

After a seemingly unceasing onslaught of attacks upon the planet Arus, Galaxy Garrison finally rallied its forces to combat Zarkon and his relentless hordes. With the help of the mighty robot Voltron, the army of the Alliance fought back the Doom legions. The Drule elders, having seen that Zarkon was destined to lose, forsook the planet Doom early on, refusing to send reinforcements. Defeat was imminent.

Zarkon disappeared, presumably with the assistance of the witch Hagar, leaving his son, Prince Lotor, to take the brunt of the Alliance's wrath. Unable to escape, Lotor agreed to surrender on the grounds that he would be spared. The Alliance readily agreed, anxious for the fighting to end, arresting Lotor and the remaining Doom commanders.

Lotor was later released with the signing of the New Alliance treaty. With Zarkon gone, he was now the king of Doom, though that meant little considering the state of the planet and its inhabitants. By order of the treaty, all enslaved planets previously under Doom's control were set free and put under Galaxy Garrison protection. The planet Doom itself was placed under Alliance control and Lotor was exiled to the outer edges of the galaxy.

Those Drules still loyal to the Doom crown joined Lotor on the planet on which he chose to settle. None have seen them since.

  ~Doom's Rebirth~  

New generations mean new beginnings for every bloodline -- Perhaps even for the Royal Family of Doom.

Lotor and those that chose to follow him settled on the planet Ursan, far from Arus and the remains of Doom. There they endeavored to rebuild on the ruins of the civilization that lived there before them. Eventually, Lotor married the princess of a neighboring planet and, not long after, they had their first son -- Tirion, crown prince of the empire's remains.

And now, the rest is up to you.

to the
Sons and Daughters of Doom Role Playing Board

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      Before I go into a long, drawn out explanation of this, let me begin by saying that -- above all -- this is a Voltron forum. With all the acronyms I keep whipping around, I just don't want that to sink into the mire. Nor do I want to scare away people who aren't familiar with the Sons and Daughters of Doom site. However, it should be said that most of the action of this RPG will not, for the most part, concern the normal Volron timeline.

      SADOD offers an alternate storyline that really doesn't veer too far away from the real thing. As the title would suggest, much of the action follows the people of Doom (most particularly Lotor's offspring) after their defeat by Voltron. Despite pro-Doom sentiment, it is not, however, limited to Doom. Arus and its inhabitants are equally welcome.

      First and foremost, starting a forum for this storyline struck me as a great way to both inspire and assist character development for the site's fanfics. Having a character deal with situations involving characters designed and "played" by other people can make you think about the char. in a way you might not have before. The unpredictability of other RPers always prompts new and interesting questions which, when dealt with, can help round out your character.

      In a less academic sense, I also saw this as a way to have a little fun in a time-conscious way. ;) Message boards are great for those who don't have the time or schedule for real time chats and such. You can post your note and then pop back on whenever to see if someone has replied. Easy peesey.


How To Play:

      "And how exactly will this be done?" you ask. Good question and I'll try to answer as best I can. As this is just beginning, I think it will be trial and error for a little while to see how things work. Here are a few basic points:

Posting: There can be multiple types of posts and none of them have to follow any particular set line. If you have a situation you want to try your character out in, start it up. If you have a character you want to play them against, feel free. If you just want to have your character hangin' around to see who comes along and what comes of it, then that's great, too.

For those who've never done this sort of thing, RPing this way is easy as pie. You post your character doin' something, then someone writes a reply bringing another character in in some way or other. Then, you reply to that, and so on and further.


Post 1 by Player 1: Zarkon strolls into a tavern and bellies up to the bar. "Martini, on the rocks. Shaken, not stirred."
Post 2 by Player 2: A Drule biker mama hunkers down beside him and says, "Hey, what's a nice fish like you doing in a place like this?"

Etc. Etc. Longer and more descriptive posts are usually more desirable. ;) As far as past tense or present tense, it's really whichever you want -- whatever you're more comfortable with.

The first message of a new post should probably be a sort of outline for what you want to happen (the basic setup - where/when/etc.). If there are specific people (characters) you want involved or just generic characters you'd like people to play, list them at the beginning, as well. Email addresses for players will be listed so you can contact people who have characters you'd like to have involved. If your character is new (or even if he/she isn't), a few brief comments about them might also help -- unless you want that sort of thing to come out during play.

Confusing enough? Well, here's a little example:

Let's say I'm posting as Tirion, my crown prince character, and I want to play a bit with what happened to him at the academy he went to. So, I'd post something like:

Who: Tirion, age 13
Where: The offworld academy (Hey, I don't have a name for it yet. ;)
What: A day in the life of a prince at school.
Players Needed: Anyone who wants to join -- students, teachers, friends, enemies, etc.
Intro: Tirion looked glumly down at the school lunch, wrinkling his nose at the evil smell. He prodded it suspiciously with his fork then pushed the tray away. He glanced around at the other students, trying to find someone who had something better -- and who he could sucker it out of.

Obviously, more detail is probably necessary, depending on what you want to do. And, don't take this as necessary structure. I just made it up *grin*. Any other specifications, limits, or points you want to make very clear should probably also be listed here at the beginning.

Characters: Well, obviously, your fanfic characters are primary choices. ;) However, they don't have to be from finished or even started stories. Depends how developed you want them to start out. Also, your involvement is not limited to fanfic characters. When replying to other people's messages

Concerning pre-existing characters like Lotor, Keith, Allura, whoever -- if you have a good idea about how to do that, I'm all ears. ;) People have such differing ideas about how they should act. Perhaps, if you want someone else to play an existing series character, then you should describe how you see them acting (exp. "I see Lotor being kind to small animals" or "My Allura is a rocket scientist who plays a ditz so the others don't feel inferior"). If you want to play them yourself, then go ahead. All pre-existing characters can act how you want them to in your scenarios -- just as they can in your fanfics.

A Veeeeeery important note: You cannot play/use/control another person's created character (Tirion, for example) without the creator's permission. That's just good manners.

Character Submission: Since this forum isn't a regular RPG, submitting a character isn't exactly necessary. Fanfic characters are whatever you want them to be. On the SADOD site, however, I ask that you send character descriptions to me so that I can post them up for everyone's reference. I think it makes sense to ask the same here. With that in mind, Character Descriptions can be sent here: Of course, for those who have already submitted stories, I already have your descriptions -- unless you come up with new characters. ;)

Linearity and Fanfics: First of all -- there isn't any linearity. ;) Since everyone's fanfic universe is a different one, what holds true for one story does not necessarily hold true for another unless you want it to. If Lotor is killed in one scenario, that doesn't mean he's dead for everyone else. If someone says that Lotor is half-human/half-fish, that isn't set in stone. Basically, you're free to do just as you usually do when working out how your story should go. Stories before and after the storyline proposed by SADOD are also allowed, if that interests you.

Fanfic-wise, if you want to collaborate with people on the board to RP an entire story, that's fine. Conversely, if you were just gathering ideas for a story of your own, that's also fine. Both are highly encouraged. ;) I would love for any completed stories to be submitted to the SADOD site but, of course, that's completely up to you.


Copyright Information:

      Sounds kind of heavy, doesn't it? In a way, it is. I don't mean anything strictly legal with this, I just want to make sure that something important is clearly understood. Obviously, Lotor, Voltron, etc. all belong to World Event Productions and we use them for our amusement and not for profit...and usually without permission because of it. It's a very different matter for player-created characters. No one can or should use any characters not created by themselves unless they have the permission of the creator. This means that if you RPed with another character and you want to work that into your new fanfic, then you need to ask.

It really isn't too much to ask -- just a little respect for your fellow writers/players. And, if you ask, more likely than not, permission will be granted. Hey, I dunno about you guys, but I kinda like seeing my characters in other stories. ;)


Contact Me:

      Who am I? I'm Liz -- a devoted Lotor fan and Doom sympathizer. I started the "Sons and Daughters of Doom" fanfic site almost a year ago as a slightly alternate Lotor fan-site. Aside from struggling with fanfics of my own, I've had a goodly amount of message board RP experience so I've been looking forward to trying to work them together.

      I hope the idea appeals to people. And, hey, if RPing isn't your style but you like the storyline, I'm always looking for new contributors to the main site -- I'd love to see what you've got. ;)

      If you have questions, comments, suggestions, characters, etc. you can reach me at I check regularly, so replies should be nice and timely. Or, if you want to chat, my Yahoo Messenger name is lfaire and my ICQ name is LIZzard (or #64725533). If I don't appear to be on, leave a message and I'll get back to you.

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