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Welcome to New Writers
The Site For New Writers To Meet

The New Writer’s E-mail List was started by Sherry Vaughn, author of TRAPDOOR, TAPESTRY, GLASS HOUSE, THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS and A GIFT FOR ROO. Sherry Vaughn and Luglenda S. McClain serve as Co-Moderators for the New Writer’s List. This is a unique partnership in that Sherry and Luglenda are on the opposite ends of experience--and of the world.

Sherry resides in Australia and brings her professional experience to the list. Luglenda resides in the US and brings the perspective of a new writer. Together they work to make the New Writer’s E-mail List one of the most informative lists available to the beginning writer with weekly writing tips and information on current markets. The encouraging, helpful atmosphere of the New Writer’s List enables the beginning writer to submit their work for critique without fear of ‘spam’ or rejection. The weekly exercises provide motivation to write and keep writing on a regular basis.

The New Writers’ E-mail List is non-genre specific. All type of prose and poetry is acceptable, with the exception of child pornography. We currently have writers of romance (contemporary and historical), mystery and suspense, sci-fi and fantasy, humor, thriller, and contemporary fiction.

Since the New Writer’s E-mail List is just starting out, we haven’t quite gotten our List Schedule organized. We expect to add new features as required, to meet the needs of our members. The following list of New Writer’s E-mail posts will be updated as new features are added.


New Writer's List Schedule


Daily: Members Submit Their Work and Critique of Other’s Work
Monday: Weekly Exercise Assignment
Tuesday: Suggestion for Weekly Discussion
Thursday: Writing Tips for the New Writer
Sunday: Weekly Exercise Selection Added To This Site

Monthly: A Different Member Of The New Writer’s E-mail List Will Have Their Work Showcased.

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Information On Current Writing Markets, Writing Resources, Contests, And Additional Writing Tips Will Be Added As Available Throughout The Week. Members are encouraged to post any information that may be of interest to other writers.

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If you are interested in writing, or one who is interested in helping the beginning writer, we encourage you to subscribe to the New Writer’s E-mail List.

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Weekly writing exercises will be posted to provide motivation for the new writer to keep writing. Each exercise is designed to develop writing skills in a particular aspect of writing. Some weeks we will try our hand at character and plot development. Other weeks we will do exercises designed to perfect our abilities in descriptive writing. Each exercise is designed to stretch our imagination and kick our ‘muse’ in gear. :-)
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Weekly Discussions will be encouraged. Sherry and Luglenda will post suggested discussion topics on a weekly basis. These are just suggestions. New Writer List members are encouraged to initiate discussion on Any writing related topic. If you have a question about writing, whether it be about point of view, the proper way to submit your work to a publisher, marketing, etc., it can be posted to the list. Chances are someone will have the answer for you.:-)
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Writing Tips for the new writer will be posted on a regular basis. Some of the tips will be very basic, such as misused words, punctuation, manuscript formatting, etc. Other tips will be of more interest to the person who is aware of the basics and wants additional information, such as overcoming writer’s block, character development, critiquing tips, etc.
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Weekly Exercise Selections will be added to this site. Each week an exercise submission will be selected as the Moderators’ Choice. This exercise will be added to our Weekly Exercise page.
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A New Writer E-mail List Member will be featured in our Monthly New Writer Showcase Page. Each month a different New Writer member will be selected to ‘showcase’ their talents on this site. Selection will be based on both writing abilities and participation and contribution to the New Writer’s List and List Members.
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Again, the New Writers’ E-mail List is open to anyone interested in writing. We encourage you to take a look at the various pages on this site and see what we are about. Then, come and join us by clicking one of the several subscription links scattered throughout!

Sherry Overton
Luglenda S. McClain
Co-Moderators of New Writers’ E-mail List


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