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Enrique & RosaS Barreras AKA: Molly B. Murphy The Barreras, or Enrique & RosaS, (poetic parents of member "Molly") have been married 16 years now, and live on the Gulf Coast of Florida with their dog, Diva. Enrique was born in Argentina, RosaSheila in New York. Enrique is a retired Longshoreman/sailor, RosaS (Pratt Institute, BFA '77) an artist/writer, semi-retired. Her most recent published piece, in the May '95 issue of "FATE", concerns the possibility of telepathy between folks who meet online...Between them, they share 112 years of that experience called LIFE and celebrate their birthdays every year in September. See The Barreras Web Site.

Carley Rey Carley Rey lives in central Victoria in Australia where she has lived all her life. She is the mother of five children and works as an Intellectual Disability Services Officer in Direct Care.

For many years now Carley has been an avid genealogist which is a contant source of interest. Carley is also an eternal Student and is always in the process of learning. Currently completing a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing she is also learning Web Page Design.

She began writing long ago but decided she would like to try her hand at a novel when she read some romances and thought 'I could do that'. Carley now has stories published in Anthologies through the University and is often asked to read at public readings. She is also working on a novel started in Novel Class in 1999.

Carley is also a designer of Web pages one which is for the Ballaarat Writing Council.

Chris Curtis Chris Curtis, states he started writing just over a year ago. After writing a complete novel-- yep! I sure did -- I decided I would try and get it published. Needless to say my pride and joy was full of every error you could think of. I still have it somewhere, to remind me of what I was like then. The genre I wanted to write in is, "Thriller/Mystery", but I soon started to develop scenes where there was a high erotic content. This led me to write my first story about BDSM for a list I belonged to. After surfing the web I came across the Erotic Readers Association and found a home there for my stories, but there was still something missing -- I wanted to delve more into other genres. Then I found the Write_List, where I met Sherry and Luglenda, and Kim Kay, the owner, led me to the New Writers’ List. Published works? Only one, and that comes out in March ‘99. It is a short story about a blind girl who has to paint a picture of her mummy for school. With her being blind she cannot see the colours, so I had to have her describe them.

Christy Barras Christy Barras writes, I'm a 48 year old mother of two, happily married for 29 years to a good 'ole Texas boy. I grew up in Miami, now live in Tallahassee, Florida, and that's as close to Miami as I want to be! I was a newspaper editor and feature writer for a couple of years in Texas. I'm now a nursing administrator, working nights. (It's the Vampire in me!) I write because I love it, and because I'd like to quit real work and make a living at what I love. My favorite quote, and I believe it represents me accurately, is, "When I'm an old woman, I WILL wear purple!"

Danielle Danielle writes, I am 27, and a would-be writer. I say "would-be" because I have recently decided that rather than treating my love of writing as a treasured hobby, I would treat it as a profession, and as a profession, I would not be subject to those days where I just do not get around to writing anything. Well, I still have those days, but my imagination has been sparked. There is nothing better to me.

I love reading other people's work, hearing their thoughts and ideas, and sharing my own with others.

Some of my interests are folklore, mythology, sociology, criminology, psychology, and history. Discussion is one of my favorite past-times.

I look forward to the creative writing process that can be learned from the experience of belonging to a writers' group.

Elsie Roark Elsie Roark writes, I'm fifty-six, an unabashed hayseed whose second love, after writing, is raising pygmy goats, and until five years ago lived in Michigan, enjoying the typical middle-class life of good jobs, hobby farm, new pick-up, bass boat, etc. That changed dramatically when my robust, hard-working husband's circulatory system crashed like an overloaded hard drive, setting off a chain of health problems that left him disabled, and me with the realization of how alone we truly were, so far from family and home. To make a long story short, we moved back to our roots in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky, where we are surrounded by a large, loving, occasionally warring, but always supportive, family.

Literacy is still an issue in this area, especially among my generation, but story-telling is an art form to mountain people. I've always loved to hear a good story, and have written my thoughts down since I was a child. Since the best Saturday night's entertainment is still good music and a rousing tale, I have a wealth of story ideas to draw upon.

And when someone says, "You know, somebody OUGHT to write this stuff down," I think, why not?

Who knows, I may even find a market for these stories someday. E-Mail Elsie

Jennifer Bryson Jennifer Bryson: I have been a compulsive writer since I was 8 years old when I entered my first competition in the Sunday Newspaper. My little short story was published and I went from there. I have many works in progress and am trying to emerge from the closet and travel down the road of submission.

Writing is a complete existence for me. I become the book - or is it the book becomes me? My real life obscures and melts into the pages of my work. I am married and have three children - my husband and two very large dogs. They keep me sane and prevent my ego from filling up the house.

Having never traveled past the local caravan park, I am endeavouring to change that. Sometime early this year "the whole family - dogs included" are hitting the road and will travel for 12 months in a 4WD camper. My trip will be spent interviewing and researching all folks of Australia whilst my husband becomes addicted on adrenalins from advanced 4WD manoeuvres. E-Mail Jennifer

Jim Nasium Jim Nasium, is a lifelong resident of the USA. His home is near South Philadelphia, Pa. He has spent over 5 years traveling The Andes and another 18 months living in the bush country of Jamaica. Since he was forced into the concrete trade at 15, Jim has had no formal art training but he is a self-educated man -- His teacher, a full and exciting life. Jim's experiences can be seen in his work, both his art and his writing. Now that he's retired, he spends a lot of time at his desk attempting to fulfil a relentless creative passion. Besides being a graphic artist, he is a published author having written numerous articles on error coin collecting and had several stories and poems published in alternative magazines, a national poetry publication and Philadelphia University's "The University Reporter." He also monthly composes "The GymArt Newsletter." If you want to see how Jim breaks the rules with his poetry check out The Complete PoeticGymArt Index and if ya wanna see what he has done to the world of computer art with his GymArt, GymArt Java and GymArt Virtual Reality Galleries visit La Galeria de GymArt

Keith Pelletier Keith Pelletier writes, my story is a simple one. I was born and raised in Connecticut, residing in the towns of Norwich and Griswold. I currently reside in the Oakdale section of Montville. I am married, with two lovely stepdaughters. I currently make my living as a truck driver, and serve my community as a volunteer firefighter/EMT. I have also worked as a security officer, shuttle bus driver, and as an EMT for commercial ambulance services in the state. I have always enjoyed writing, but kept most of my writing to myself. For a short time in high school I wrote sports-related articles for a local newspaper. Most of my current works are in the genre of "fan fiction," and I have had a couple of stories posted on the internet. I run the CHiPs FanFiction Site. If you'd care to see some of my work, click on their titles: "Of Mice and Men" , Lion Around", and "First Fire". E-Mail Keith.

Kermit Rose Kermit Rose, age 57, is retired from his ‘real life’ occupation. He majored in math at Florida State University in 1960-1966. Kermit married Kathleen in 1964. They have two children, Karen and David. Kermit has written several pieces but has nothing published as yet. He is currently working on a short story.

Lauren Roche Lauren Roche writes, I am 37, gay, and mother of two teenage sons. I live in a household of cats (4 exotics--like Persians, with shorter hair). I am a family doctor on the Kapiti coast, Just north of Wellington, New Zealand, currently taking time out after a torrid couple of years. I'm writing my autobiography--I know this sounds conceited, but I have had an interesting life--Left school aged 14; stowed away on a ship to USA aged 16; worked as a stripper on return; then had first child aged 17; worked as a hooker for three years; then returned to high school aged 20; and, had another kid along the way. In my autobiography I have got to 45,000 words, and still only age 17, so need to edit it back or it'll be longer than War and Peace! Visit Lauren's Personal Web Page. E-Mail Lauren

Luglenda S. McClain Luglenda S. McClain writes, in my ‘real life’ I am a Social Worker by day, working in child abuse programs. I’m a happily married mother of two and grandmother of six. My writing experience consists of three essay type articles published years ago in the LIGHTED PATHWAY. I let ‘life’ steal my dream to write for a very long time, and have now resumed my pursuit of personal happiness through writing. I find that I am interested in writing several genres, and am currently working on a historical romance novel. E-mail Luglenda

Marcia Colpan Marcia Colpan writes, I'm a wife and the mother of two beautiful children. I'm also a professional daycare provider and I've operated my own daycare from my home for the last four years. I'm working on a degree from Penn State University with an emphasis on Human Development. I've done freelance writing on various topics and have been published in several national newsletters by The Turquoise Butterfly Press. I have had an article published in Crochet World Magazine. The web is home to my fiction, and I was awarded a Readers Choice Award from the KMG-365 site. A sample of Marcia's work can be found at Marcia's Corner of the Web.

MeryBette MeryBette writes,I used to make a nice living; now I make a nice life -- for myself, my hero and my family. I write whatever comes to mind, in whatever genre suggests itself. This is my first experience in a writing group, and I am delighted to be among so many talented and generous people. My philosophy about writing and life in general is "There is only One of Us."

Molly Molly B. Murphy "See The Barreras"

Ralph Krumdieck Ralph Krumdieck writes, I'm 53 years old with four kids, two away from home and two still hanging in there. My wife, Lynne, and I have been married for 25 years. Those were easy. We're bracing for the next 25. I originally wanted to be a journalist and I won a national journalism award while still in high school and had 100s of inches of copy under my byline when I went to Vietnam as a Navy journalist. Came back 2 years later physically unscathed but with no desire to continue in journalism. I write nearly every kind of prose and I read everything and anything at anytime. I'm well-known around town as the guy who reads books while he walks and I'd sooner leave home without my pants than not have a book with me. Mail Ralph

Rick Ryer Rick Ryer writes, I was born in Texas, live in Texas, and only left Texas three times in my life. No place else I would rather be. I am 45 years of age. It is a good age, I think, as I am happier now than I ever have been.

I was raised on a truck farm outside of Dallas. My family were farmers, and some still are. I attended college, but never fininshed. I have had several jobs, but none satisfied me, until I found printing. I am a printer by trade, and work on a four-color press as a pressman. For 19 years I have done this and worked for several printing firms in Dallas, Texas.

I have also taught myself about computers, and built my own and several others. I even quit printing for a while, and worked as a hardeware technician for a short year. The pay was not enough for a newly married man, so I returned to printing. I am working on gettin a license with microsoft and someday start my own business. In the meantime I am still building computers and sometimes repairing them for friends and family.

I began writing poems, when my first wife left me. I had no one to listen to my sorrows, so I wrote them down. It helped me remain sane. I found if I wrote what I felt it helped relieve the hurt much more than the whiskey, that I first tried. That doesn't work for anything but feeling worse. It took a year to kill the old me.

I was reborn when I met Kat(my wife now) on line We became friends and now we are married.I wrote many peoms to her, poems of love and feelings I could not explain to her. I can write my feelings, better than expressing them. She thinks I should try writing stories as I love telling them. Therefore she found this list and insisited I join to learn what I can. She is always right, I am learning and enjoying myself with this group.

If you wish to view my poems, they are on my website. There you can find a link to my poem-page, and a link to where I have other poems listed. Mail Rick

Serena Serena is 23 and lives in Atlanta. Serena writes, I haven't always lived here I was unlucky enough to spend the first twenty years of my life stuck in North Carolina. North Carolina is a great state as long as you can get away sometimes. I rarely did. So when I turned 20, and through unfortunate circumstances had the chance, I ran. First down to Florida and now here...Georgia. soon I am moving to Ohio. I can't wait. I wrote some in High School -- short stories and reports. My poetry attempts were never more than attempts but its a style of writing that I enjoy. I look forward to being published and while its not what I want my full time job to be, if I ever got good . . .I wouldn't object.

Shannon Wood Shannon Wood writes, I've always written, until recently, for myself. I write poetry and short stories, fables and ? ! I love participating in this group, and have learned so much!

I breed and train Arabian horses, and share my life with a stallion and four mares (many dogs, birds, etc.). We live on a ranch just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada in a high desert foothills setting. Now, retired from training, I have come to the time in my life for my other passion, writing! Greetings fellow scribes!

Suzy Sherbrooke Suzy Sherbrooke is a 28 year-old, single mother of two special needs children, Michael, age 6, and Matthew, age 4. Working as a psychiatric nurse in her home state of Minnesota by day, she logs many an hour at the keyboard at night, working on her first novel, "Saving Grace". Still relatively new to the concept of writing for publication, rather than the desk drawer, she has already had one poem and one essay published, at the prodding of her college English professor.

Her main preference is in the horror genre, though she has been known to turn out the occasional fan-fic, poem and even children's fiction. Suzy writes under the name Brynn Murdoch. E-Mail Suzy

Vanessa Vanessa Paris writes, (just got married three months ago and STILL having trouble getting used to the new last name) I live in Erie, PA. I work in a 9-person advertising agency where I handle copywriting, marketing plan writing, media buying, etc. I love to read and occasionally act in local theater productions. I enjoy writing fiction as well as non-fiction. I tend toward "literary" and experimental fiction. I've written lots of little things but have never completed a book-length manuscript because I get too impatient and want to start something new. While I think my writing skills are fairly strong, my storytelling skills are very weak, so that's what I'm trying to work on.

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