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1999 Season


The WRHL returned to the pond in 2000. This photo was taken at Rod T. Phillip's Ice Arena near Padonia, Kansas prior to a game during the 1991 season.

Damage 2003 Results
Posted 1/4/04

06/03...Wild, W 8-2
06/10...Senators, W 8-6
06/17...Assasins, L 4-5
06/24...Oompa Loompas 2, L 5-8
07/01...Mighty Ducks, W 5-3
07/08...Assasins, L 2-11
07/15...Wild, L 2-3
07/22...Mighty Ducks, W 9-5, 3rd Place C
07/29...Wild, L 3-4
08/05...Scorpions, L 0-16
08/12...Mighty Ducks, L 2-9
08/19...Wild, W 6-5
08/26...Scorpions, T 7-7
09/02...Mighty Ducks, L 3-7
09/09...Wild, W 3-0
09/16...Wild, T 3-3, 3rd Place C
Session 1: 4-4-0 3rd of six teams
Session 2: 2-4-2, 3rd of four teams
2003: 6-8-2

Damage Carries the Torch

6/4...8:00 PM...Predators
6/11..7:00 PM...Bombers HT
6/18..11:00 PM..Oompa Loompas 2
6/25..6:00 PM...Red Wings
7/2...10:00 PM..Kings HT
7/9...11:00 PM..The Who
7/16..8:00 PM...Steven Cunningham

KC Wins 2000 Cup

WILLIS, KS--Despite falling behind 4-1, KC's Damage Inc. rallied to win the 2000 Snacker Cup 7-4 on December 30 at the Willis Ice Pavillion. Austin Roberts led Damage and all scorers with six points on five assists, and Steve McMahon picked up a hat trick to power KC to the Cup.

Robinson jumped out to a 3-1 first period lead on goals by Charlie Stinson, Ian Schuetz and Jason Perona. Perona added his second goal 32 seconds into the second period and the Hornets held a commanding 4-1 lead. At 10:10 of the same period, Curt Jacobsen netted his first of two goals on assists from Dylan Goodwin and Roberts, and KC began its rally. McMahon added his second goal of the game 29 seconds into the third period off an assist from Roberts as KC closed to 3-4. In the third minute of the period, Damage went wild scoring three goals in 38 seconds. McMahon tied the game with an unassisted goal at 3:02 to pull off the hat trick. Roberts followed up with another unassisted goal at 3:12 to take the lead, and Goodwin banged in a rebound to put KC out to a comfortable 6-4 lead. Jacobsen added insurance later in the period and KC held on the final minutes for the win.

The game was a return to the days of old for the WRHL, and it seemed to go over well with the players despite the poor ice conditions. The game featured three, 12-minute running time periods and no offsides or icing. The clock did stop after goals were scored and there were no referees. Look for the league to continue this one game format in 2001.

Game Summary:
KCD 1-1-5--7
ROB 3-1-0--4

1. ROB-Stinson (1) (J. Howard, I. Schuetz) 1-0, 1:54. 2. ROB-Schuetz (1) 2-1, 10:01. 3. KC-S. McMahon (1) (Roberts) 1-2, 10:12. 4. ROB-Perona (1) 3-1, 10:25.
5. ROB-Perona (2) (Schuetz) 4-1, :32. 6. KC-Jacobsen (1) (Dy. Goodwin, Roberts) 2-4, 10:10.
7. KC-McMahon (2) (Roberts) 3-4, :29. 8. KC-McMahon (3) 4-4, 3:02. 9. KC-Robertson (1) 5-4, 3:12. 10. KC-Dy. Goodwin (1) (Roberts) 6-4, 3:40. 11. KC-Jacobsen (2) (Roberts) 7-4, 8:26.
KCD 06-05-11--22
ROB 08-08-07--23
KC-Tyler Pyle; 23 shots, 19 saves.
ROB-Kevin Sloop; 22 shots, 15 saves.
Attendance: 3.

Get Back

On December 30 at 1:00 p.m., the league that refuses to die will
once again surface for air. The league will return to the ice as
Damage Inc. takes on the Hornets in a one-game battle for the
2000 Snacker Cup near Willis, Kansas on John Howard's pond.
The players available will be divided up and the game will feature
three running time periods. No referee will be used; however,
offensive stats will be kept, which will allow for stoppages
after goals.

It appeared the WRHL would be taking a permanent hiatus until
Ian Schuetz initiated the idea of an old-fashioned pond game. The
cold December proved to be too tempting for Schuetz. Several
of the veteran WRHL players agree. Anywhere from 9-12 skaters
are expected to participate in the game. The game will count as an
official league game, and if it proves to be successful and popular
among the players, the format could return for 2001. The results of
the game will be posted here early next week.
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  Player GP G A PTS
1. A. Roberts (KC) 1 1 5 6
2. S. McMahon (KC) 1 3 0 3
3. I. Schuetz (ROB) 1 1 2 3
4. J. Perona (ROB) 1 2 0 2
5. C. Jacobsen (KC) 1 2 0 2
6. Dy. Goodwin (KC) 1 1 1 2
7. C. Stinson (ROB) 1 1 0 1
8. J. Howard (ROB) 1 0 1 1
Player Min SH/SVS % GA GAA
1. T. Pyle (KC) 36 23/19 .826 4 4.00
2. K. Sloop 36 22/15 .682 7 7.00


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