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Transload, Dont Steal
I Know some sites out there say "images or sounds for webtv!" But Just hitting GoTo & Show last to get the address for the whatever is called stealing bandwith... & what that means is that your using the sound or image (wich is ok) But your also using their server to store it on, everytime someone hears that song,or sees that image, ..That infromation is pulled from Their server,. Fruthermore some ppl pay for webspace (especially ppl that have midi & graphix sites) & some of them are charged by the hit,.. So not only are you slowing their server down, sometimes your actually costing them money (especially if u put it in an e-mail wich is used Alot of times)

Alot of webtv people do this because they dont know any better, thats one of the reasons webtv is not well liked in the puter world.. I personally dont do it & now that you know better you really shouldnt either.

What you do so you dont steal it is transload it to your homepage & use it from there, if you dont know the addy for the transload service or need to get a homepage, you can find links to both on my Links Page

The Transloader has instructions on it & really isnt hard to use once u know how..

If you have a question or dont understand something here, you can find more info at Web Gaurd OR you may also E-mail me

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