Previous Tuesday Concert Performers

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Ashley Davis - Songs I Was Raise On

Ashley Davis has made quite a name for herself as a Celtic singer and is one of Lawrence's most successful acoustic musicians with regular gigs in New York and elsewhere. When I asked if she'd be interested in doing an evening of NON-Celtic music, she readily agreed. She said she grew up listening to folk music from singers like Joan Baez and had always wanted to do a concert of her old favorites. And so, Ashley opened the fall 2013 Tuesday Concert season with a specially prepared, one-time-only concert that, not surprisingly, turned out to be our largest audience attendance ever. It was fantastic!

Mire Pral Trio - Gypsy Jazz

The 13th season of the Tuesday Concert Series kicks off with an excellent Gypsy jazz trio that features Scott Tichenor on mandolin, Mike Horan on acoustic guitar, and Paul Schmidt on bass. Mire Pral Trio plays the 1930s and 40s gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt and others. They don't play out very often, so this is a rare opportunity to hear this type of music.

Fraoch - Irish Band

Get your Irish on! As a special Pre-St Patrick's Day treat, I am very pleased to welcome this 5-piece Irish band back to the series. Expect to hear rousing pub songs, merry dance tunes, soulful ballads, haunting airs, and more. Members are Jeff Smith (guitar, keyboard, whistle, bodhran), Paula Ryan (guitar, vocals), Eric Ryan (Irish flute, whistle), Mark Fricke (bass), and Allie Ryan (fiddle). Fraoch is the Gaelic word for “heather" and, to reduce the confusion, they have recently started going by "Beyond the Heather."

Sissy & Earl m- Americana, Country & Mountain Blues

Sissy (Terri Laddusaw, guitar & vocals) & Earl (Michael Paull, guitar & vocals) are an acoustic-based old-time soulful Country music duo in the vein of the Carter family, Rose Maddox, Gillian Welch, and Julie and Buddy Miller. Their main repertoire is originals, but they sprinkle in some distinctive covers as well. This upcoming show will also feature a rhythm section consisting of Michael Stephenson (bass) and Colby Earleywine (drums). They have won a couple of first place awards in Ensemble Folk Singing at the Kansas Fiddling & Picking Contest, so expect to hear lovely harmonies backed by stellar instrumentals. .

Hide in the Shallows - Bilingual Indie Folk Rock

I am pleased to welcome this bilingual (English-Spanish) folk-indie trio back to the series. Hide in the Shallows features singer/songwriter Allen Arias on acoustic guitar and vocals, Hank Winterscheidt on percussion, and Stephen Barber on bass. Influences are artists such as Jose Gonzalez, Opeth, Dustin Kensrue, Damien Rice, and Sufjan Stevens. Allen played in rock bands in Costa Rica before moving to this area in 2005.

Acoustic Rooster - Folk and Originals

"Easy G and the Blue Notes" was the band originally booked for tonight, but they needed to cancel due to sickness. Fortunately,m Greg Pelligreen (Easy G) is also in Acoustic Rooster, so they will be performing tonight instead. I've been wanting to get them in here anyway, so it is a treat to welcome the band for their first performance here. Members are Greg Pelligreen (guitar, harmonica), Dave Wright (guitar), Candee Wright (guitar) and Mark Lawrence (percussion).

Saxophonia - Saxophone Quartet

Saxophonia, a saxophone quartet featuring prominent regional saxophonists John Childers, Bob Duffer, Jade Brown, and Heather Brown will play an hour of the widest imaginable saxophone quartet repertoire. This is an excellent quartet with professional players and they are always a big hit for the series. It's a saxophone odyssey.

Annual Bob Dylan 70th Birthday Bash - STARTING 7:00 instead of 7:30

Bob Dylan is one of the most important songwriters today, so we are joining the rest of the known universe in honoring his musical legacy. Musicians over the years have included The Heebie Jeebies (Rick Frydman, Debbie Goldberg & Ian Ellis); Easy G & the Blue Notes (Greg Pelligreen, Mary Conn, Ross Black), Alonzo Beardshear & Friends (Ross Black & Greg Pelligreen), Graham Barnes & Linda Carter, John Bode & Friends (Matt Dollar & Doug Beyers), Bob Garrett; Zo-Glo-Fitz-Black (Alonzo Beardshear, Gloria Roach, Mike Fitzgerald & David Black); Marianne Carter, Maria Anthony & Darrell Lea; Graham Barnes; and Larry Carter & Greg Pelligreen.

Pat Nichols & Chris Millspaugh - Acoustic Blues & Delta Roots

Pat (guitar & vocals) and Chris (harmonica) play a dynamic combination of finger-style/bottleneck slide guitar and harmonica. They plays songs by the greats of the 1920s and 1930s - Blind Boy Fuller, Big Bill Broonzy, Robert Johnson, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee and many others, as well as some originals. Hear stories of how the music came about and get a sense of the song, the artist and the times.

Spencer & Rains -Oldtime Fiddles and Americana

Tricia Spencer & Howard Rains are taking time away from their busy tour schedule to squeeze in a return performance to this series. Known for their twin fiddle harmonies, they are also multi-instrumentalists and vocalists with a repertoire that ranges from Texas fiddle styles to American folk. Their high energy performance was one of the hits from last year, so this is a concert not to be missed. Howard is also an artist, including the fiddler portrait at the top of this page.

Alonzo Beardshear - Americana, Folk, Originals

Alonzo, one of those musicians who can play about any instrument, is well-known in the Lawrence area as both a musician and a sound man. His original music is a mix of many different styles - blues, folk, rock, county and world. He is also an excellent singer/songwriter, and the combination of these talents makes for an outstanding concert.

Melvin Litton - Americana

I have long been wanting to get Melvin into this series, and it is finally happening. He is well known in the Lawrence area as a singer/songwriter, leader of The Border Band, host of the occasional Gothic Cowboy Revie, and author of two novels (available on Melvin (guitar) will be joined by Mandolin Dan Hermerck (mandolin).

Clowder - Folk-Rock

Clowder, a folk-rock band with some well-known Lawrence players, has been performing around town for a while now, so it is a pleasure to welcome them to the series. The band is composed of Chelsy Larson is on lead vocals, Cody Case as songwriter and rhythm guitarist, K R Azad on drums and percussion, Michael Stephenson on bass (and guitar), and Will Treaster on keyboard. Expect to hear sweet, haunting melodies as they play a variety of originals mixed with rock, blues, folk and reggie.

Mire Pral Trio - Acoustic Gypsy Jazz

Scott Tichenor does it yet again! He has brought excellent musicians to this series since our first year, and 12 years later he is still doing it. The new band features Scott on mandolin, plus long-time Lawrence musicians Mike Horan on acoustic guitar and Paul Schmidt on bass. Gypsy jazz - oh my!

Alonzo Beardshear - Blues, Americana

Alonzo, one of those musicians who can play about any instrument, is well-known in the Lawrence area as both a musician and a soundman. His original music is a mix of many different styles - blues, folk, rock, county and world. He is also an excellent singer/songwriter, and the combination of these talents makes for an outstanding concert.

Tiny Flowers - Vintage Americana

This eclectic trio of visionary folk musicians uses their hunter-gatherer instincts to root out elements of vintage Americana and a world of other musical ingredients as they assemble an acoustic sound both soothing and exciting. Finger style guitarist and singer Kelly Werts is joined by Diana Werts on accordion and Allan Winkler on a menagerie of percussion instruments. They apply their own sonic recipe to hits of old-time folk, African Polka, French, Gospel, Klezmer, Surf, 60's Rock, Country & Western, Blues, Cowboy Songs, original, and Psychedelic Elevator Music. Kelly just received an invitation to perform at this year's Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield.

Dan Bliss - Acoustic blues, swing, ragtime, folk

Dan Bliss is an excellent guitarist, singer and songwriter, including consistently placing as a finalist in the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival. He has been invited to perform several times at the prestigious New York State Blues Festival and has opened shows for artists such John McCutcheon and Marcia Ball. Dan is a Kansas City favorite who is coming in to share his music with us, and this is a show you won't want to miss. "Eyes may bug and jaws may drop at this Kansas City cat’s ability to play three parts on the same guitar at the same time, but the real seduction is in Dan Bliss’ voice.… This style of blues both soothes and riles in its collision of complex picking patterns and simple charm. It’s downright mesmerizing.” City Newspaper - Rochester, New York

Michael Paull & Friends - Original music

Michael Paull is one of those musicians often described as a Lawrence treasure - a multi-talented instrumentalist and singer who recently released an excellent CD of original music. Come hear the live version of "Mercy Me", plus more recent works, performed with Michael Stephenson on bass and Colby Earleywine on drums.

Jim Krause - Americana & Original Folk

Jim has been playing banjo, fiddle & guitar in the Lawrence area for many years. You may have heard him at the Farmer's Market or, previously, with the Euphoria Stringband. One minute he'll be singing a traditional Appalachian ballad, maybe followed by a raggy blues or a country song, followed by one of his own original compositions. He has taught for many years at Americana Music Academy.

Euphoria Stringband - Oldtimey Music

Euphoria's repertoire comes from the western plains, southern plantations, Appalachian Mountains, and the Grand Ole Opry - featuring the music that was in demand at dances, weddings, quiltings, barn raisings and other social events that define us as Americans. Members are Pete Gilbreath (banjo), Richelle Basgall (fiddle, bodhran), Dick Powers (guitar), and Pat Dickey (fiddle, mandolin, banjo ukulele).

Saxophonia - Saxophone Quartet

Saxophonia, a saxophone quartet featuring prominent regional saxophonists John Childers, Bob Duffer, Jade Brown, and Heather Brown, will play an hour of the widest imaginable saxophone quartet repertoire. In the past they've played everything from Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" to Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend in Me" (theme from Monster's Inc.), to a Lennie Niehaus Jazz suite, to Bach's "Fugue in G Minor." Who knows what they will do this time! It's a saxophone odyssey in an hour-long concert.

Fortnight - Classic folk rock

Fortnight is a band of seasoned performers who bring a fresh approach to classic rock and modern styles. Emphasizing acoustic guitar and hand percussion, their music covers a palette ranging from Led Zeppelin to Gnarls Barkley, with many unique sidings along the way. Band members are Sebastian Alfie (electric & acoustic guitar), Maria Anthony (acoustic guitar, flute, theramin), Bryan Foster (electric bass), Clark Jamison (percussion), and Darrell Lea (acoustic guitar). This is one of my favorite bands, and it’s always a pleasure to welcome them back to the Tuesday Concert series.

No Mountain String Band - Bluegrass and more

If you've been coming to this series for a while, you know that anything Scott Tichenor does is going to be great. Here is another opportunity to affirm that belief. No Mountain String Band was one of the hits from a year ago, and it is an honor to have some of the members coming in from out of town to perform again. Scott will be joined by some combination of Brett Hodges, Louis Meyers, Neal Hudson, Betse Ellis, Clarke Wyatt, and Jim McGreevy for an evening of HOT bluegrass.

3rd - Sissy & Earl - Originals & Americana

Here is a duet to spark your imagination - Michael Paul and Terri Laddusaw teaming up again for another rare performance of original music and Americana. As former winners in the Ensemble Singing Division of the Kansas Fiddling & Picking Championship, you can expect soaring vocal harmonies combined with tasty instrumentals. I have no idea what the "Sissy" and "Earl" thing is all about. You'll have to come find out for yourself.

Scott Stuewe - Originals, Americana & Jazz

As a former Kansas Fiddling & Picking Champion (finger-pick guitar), Scott brings a variety of styles to his songs and compositions. The rolling rhythms of his tunes have the feel of New Orleans swing, country blues and funk, while the melodies have more in common with jazz standard Tin Pan Alley tunes of the forties.

Ukulele Fest

Tiny Tim will probably not be joining us this year - not surprising since he never has before and is now demised. However, other ukesters from Lawrence are eager and willing to show off their skills. Join Linda Tilton and others for an evening celebrating this simple, yet complicated, instrument.

Numb's Up! - Traditional Northumberland music

Numb's Up! will play traditional music from Northumberland, the northernmost county in England. Though Northumbrian music is influenced by Scots, English, and Irish music, it has its own distinctive tunes and musical culture. The band will perform Northumbrian hornpipes, reels, waltzes, and polkas with intricate harmonies on fiddle, Irish flute, concertina, and guitar. They also plan to share historical tidbits about the composers and places that inspired the music. Carolyn Roy on fiddle, Carolyn Young on fiddle, Phil Collison rhythm guitar, Rex Armstrong Irish flute and concertina.

Alferd Packer Memorial String Band - Americana & Originals

What can you say about a band that has a penchant for rubber chickens? Behind the tomfoolery, expect to hear polished arrangements and musicianship that will knock your socks off. Their excellent 2011 album shows the depth of their songwriting skills as well. Members: Lauralyn Bodle - Fiddle, Bass, Vocals Noah Musser - Banjo, Bass Vocals, Matt Kirby - Hammered Dulcimer, Button Accordions, Vocals, Percussion, Noises, Puns, Slide Whistle, Rubber Chicken Steve Mason - Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, Vocals Mike Yoder - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Sugarfoot Detour - Original and Americana

Byron James has a new band! Sugarfoot Detour is composed of Christen Buie, fiddle, percussion and vocals; Dan Sours, stand up bass; Patrick Broxterman, drums, harmonica, accordion, and vocals; and Byron James, vocals and guitar. Come here original compositions interspersed with folk rock, and tasty classic covers.

Ardys & Bradford - Blues, Bossa Nova & Jazz

The duo of Ardys Ramberg (vocals) and Bradford Hoopes (piano) has become one of the favorites of the Lawrence music scene. Together for eight years, now, Ardys and Bradford are pleased to present some of their new songs--Spring, fun with walking the doggies, losing a favorite tree, a tryst, Gypsy guitars, and more--actually there are a couple of Thelonious Monk tunes thrown in there, too.

Darrell Lea

Darrell is well known as the lead guitarist in some of the best rock bands to have come out of this area over the last 20 years, including LA Ramblers, The Deal, and Tofu Teddy. He currently is a number of bands and has performed in this series solo and with Vera, Chuck & Dave (Beatles songs); Fortnight (classic folk-rock); and duos with Marianne Carter, Megan Hurt (their 1993 CD "Seasons of Change" is a Lawrence classic) and Maria Anthony. This evening will feature solo acoustic performances of some new songs, as well as a few selections from "Season of Change".

Jon Fitzgerald and Garrett Marsh

The Tuesday Concert starts its 11th year with original music from singer/songwriters Jon Fitzgerald (from the band Paper Buffalo) and Garrett Marsh. Jon is an excellent songwriter who has performed here numerous times over the years starting when he was still in high school. Garrett is coming in for the first time. Both performers are noted for their strong vocals and expressive guitar work.

Gwyneth Whistlewood - The Feral Flute

If you have been to the KC Renaissance Festival, you have probably experienced the hypnotic power of Gwyneth's solo flute improvisations and compositions. For St Patrick's Day, come experience a flute gone feral, a musician run mad. One wild woman, many flutes made from wood, glass and metal. Improvisation and Classical music collide with Celtic and Troubadour music to create inspiration in the moment.

Bluestem - Western and more

If you have been to the Winfield gathering (Walnut Valley Festival), you know what an honor it is to have this band in our series for the first time. As one of the long-time favorites at in this area, Bluestem combines classic Western, bluegrass, gospel, and cowboy humor to create a blend of unique acoustic music. Their fine harmonies and bluegrass musicianship teamed with cowboy poetry will surprise and entertain all.

Kelly Werts & Friends - CD Release Party

Kelly is well known for his duet performances with Connie Dover, his bands Sons of Rayon and The Plaid Family at venues such as the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, and as a solo singer/guitarist, so it is a great honor that he has chosen this venue for his first solo CD release. He is bringing in an amazing host of musicians for the occasion, including the stellar duo Scenic Roots, fiddlers Greg Allen and Molly Werts, and accordion player Diana Werts. This is going to be an excellent concert, and I hope you will join us.

Chris Biggs, Bob Atchinson, Rick Desko & Scott Tichenor

Scott Tichenor does it again! He has brought excellent musicians to this series since our first year, and 11 years later he is still doing it. The band doesn't have a name yet, so I'm just listing it by members. Chris is a 3-time Winfield guitar contest finalist and Bob is one of the most respected old-time fiddler players in the Midwest. Scott's expertise on mandolin is already well known in this area. I am assuming they will play a mix of bluegrass, Americana and folk, but anything could happen with this band.

Pickett, Paull & Jeans - Cafe Jazz Americana

The original idea was to play 30's style cafe jazz as a nod to D'jango Reinhardt and Stephan Gappelli. Somewhere down the road, however, a wrong turn occured and romantic, bluegrass and other influences infiltrated. Now they basically play anything they want in their own Cafe-Jazz-Americana style. The band features some of Lawrence's most accomplished acoustic folk musicians - Joe Pickett (mandolin), Jim Jeans (guitar, mandolin & mandocello) and Michael Paull (bass).

The Jolly Ranchers - Reunion Concert

The Jolly Ranchers were among the earliest supporters of this series 11 years ago, so it is my pleasure to host their reunion concert. Here is a rare opportunity to hear Ardys Ramberg, Rick Frydman and Roger Holden share their witty (and often quite strange) songs about life, love and Lawrence.

Greg Pelligreen & Warren Jurgens - Americana & originals

Greg and Warren are the current winners in the Ensemble Folk Division of the Kansas Fiddling & Picking Contest, so sweet vocals and harmonies are in store for the evening. Greg has performed many times in this series with several different bands and as part of the Bob Dylan 70th Birthday Bash, while Warren is coming in for the first time.

Gerald Trimble Celtic & World Music Session - World Music

Gerald is an extraordinary musician who has been performing around the world for many years, and has recently returned to his hometown of Kansas City. New Music at the crossroads of baroque, jazz and eastern traditions performed on rare and ancient instruments. As a special treat, he is bringing in his whole band consisting of Gerald Trimble - Viola da gamba, Bill Banks - mandobass, Serdar Tuncten - percussion, Michael Turnbo - violin, Benjamin Warner - 7 string guitar, and Lawrence's own Clark Jamison - percussion. Since a world music concert is somewhat unusual for this venue, I'm including this video link for reference.

Lana Maree - Singer/ Songwriter

Lana, a singer/songwriter from Lawrence, is returning for the fourth time to our series. Her songs range from the whimsical to the intimate, accented by her clear voice and finger-pick guitar playing. Her excellent debut CD was released in October.

Flint Grey - Contemporary Folk

Dave Leach (guitar, vocals) and Brad Boerger (guitar, vocals), two of Lawrence's finest songwriters, have teamed up with Patrick Leach (djembe, pencil, vocals) and Kurt Henning (bass) in a new band. Brad & Dave haven't played in this series since their stellar band Coyote Project, so don't miss this one.

Cindy Novelo - Singer/ Songwriter/ 5-string Viola

Cindy, a singer/songwriter who plays guitar and 5-string viola, has opened for such national artists as Sam Shaber, Bill Staines and Annie Gallup. In addition to her solo work, she often performs with Kasey Rausch & Friends (including HERE Dec. 11th) and others. Cindy studied at the Conservatory of Music in Bordeaux, France, and has performed with a variety of dance troupes and music ensembles, including the National Symphony of Costa Rica and the Proyer String Quartet. Lana Hamilton Pratt joins her on harmony vocals.

Vera, Chuck & Dave - Beatles songs

Maria Anthony (acoustic guitar), Darrell Lea (acoustic guitar), Mark von Schlemmer (electric bass), Clark Jamison (percussion) and Megan Hurt (violin) present an outstanding evening of Beatles music. The group's name comes from the line about grandchildren in "When I'm 64." Lovely harmonies, energetic leads and tasteful arrangements by three of Lawrence's finest folk musicians. HERE is a YouTube.Com video of their "India set" with Maria on sitar.

Hit-or-Miss - Folk, Blues and Country

Hit-or-Miss is a band made up of a group of guys whose vision of heaven is sitting around with other musician and jamming into the wee hours of the morning. Their music ranges from folk to blues to country, with a flavor that is sometimes fun, sometimes sad, sometimes happy and sometimes sappy, but always enjoyable. Members are Marc Briand (mandolin, guitar), Greg Pelligreeni (guitar, harmonica), J.B. King (bass, guitar), and Michael Bradley (dobro).

Zydeco Tougeau and Friends - Zydeco music

Lawrence street musicians, Zydeco Tougeau, with Tommee Sherwood (Cajun accordion), Barry Barnes (rubboard) and recently joined by Joe Schoonover (guitar) and Jane Live (stand-up bass) will be playing accordion-driven dance music informed & inspired by the music of SW Louisianna. They will be joined by special friends for this benefit show for the Salvation Army. Don't miss this high-energy, Louisiana-flavored, Cajun-stomping treat! HERE is a short video.

Frank Shopen, Daryl Nickel, Les & Tom Goering - Celtic and contemporary folk

A St Patrick's Day treat! Frank is well known in the Lawrence area from his many years with the traditional Celtic band "Boys of the Prairie." Daryl, Les and Tom perform original music that features tight 3-part harmonies with two guitars and a mandolin.

May 11th - Stranger Tractor - Contemporary folk

Seldom seen but highly praised, "Stranger Tractor" (Strange Attractor??) features some of Lawrence's best singer/songwriters - Sue Malloy, Brad Boerger, Billy Pilgrim & Joe Comparato. This is another incarnation featuring former members of the great band Coyote Project, so don't miss it.

Kasey Rausch & Friends - Singer/ Songwriter/ Americana

Kasey's band was one of last year’s highlights for this series. She has been delighting people in the Kansas City area for many years now with her quirky, catchy songwriting and singing skills. As she describes her music: "Americana - folk roots, yet with a hint of bluegrass and classic country." Other members include Cindy Novelo on 5-string viola and Chris DeVictor on acoustic bass.

Thomas/DeLancey Band - Celtic, Appalachian & Bluegrass

If you heard them at Winfield's Walnut Valley Festival, you know how pleased we are to have this group in our fall schedule. Whether adapting Appalachian and Celtic fiddle tunes to their instruments or adding their close vocal harmonies to well-known bluegrass and old-time standards, this group has become a favorite at music camps and festivals. The band features Linda Thomas (hammered dulcimer/keyboards/vocals) and Dan DeLancey (flatpick guitar/vocals), plus Ronnie DeLancey (bass) and Lawrence's own Scott Tichenor (mandolin). As Scott put it, there's nothing else like this around these parts. Don't miss this one.

Ingevald's Spelman - Traditional Swedish Ensemble

Traditional Swedish folk music that transports you to the world of old-time Sweden where village fiddlers played for dances and other community occasions. They will get your feet tapping to lively dance tunes, and your imagination stirring with haunting harmonies evoking a world where trolls roamed the darkness. Led by Byron Wiley, other members include Theresa Martin, Ruth Byers, Rosemary O'Malley, Juliet Remmers and Jill Brandenburg.

Maria & Megan - Original songs and traditional Celtic

Singer/guitarist Maria Anthony & violinist Megan Hurt present original songs and traditional music from the Britain Isles. Their lovely harmonies and soaring violin melodies compliment Maria’s strong songwriting skills and unique arrangements of Celtic tunes. Maria & Megan perform each year at Lawrence Scottish Fest and in the band Uncle Dirtytoes.

Bayley Kate and the Bluegills - Folk & Alternative Bluegrass

Bayley Kate, although still in high school, has already gathered a following throughout Kansas with her eclectic mix of folk, country, alternative bluegrass and...yes...yodeling. She has "Wowed" audiences this past year at venues ranging from Winfield's Walnut Valley Festival to the Kansas City River Festival, plus over 60 other venues in-between. Band members include Jim Hartman (guitar) and others. Bayley Kate is also an actress, the heroine in my theater troupe, Carter Performers.


Lila - Original World Music

Combining the traditions of American folk music with the world music sounds of India and Africa, "Lila" (LEE-la) members are Deborah Pine (guitar and vocals), Janette Michaels (vocals), Sean Scanlin (bass), and Clark Jamison (congas, tabla & percussion). Deborah's original compositions feature soaring vocal harmonies, powerful rhythms and spiritual lyrics.

Scott Tichenor

Scott is well-known to musicians in this area as a musician (mandola and mandolin), teacher (Americana Music Academy), author (Mel Bay's Deluxe Chord Encyclopedia) and internet host www.MandolinCafe.Com. He was a founding member of "Last Kansas Exit," winner of the 1985 National Bluegrass Band Contest. His current interest is playing solo mandola (like an oversized, down-tuned mandolin), mixing traditional Celtic tunes (particularly by the Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan) and contemporary music. Larry Carter will open on a close relative of the mandola, the baritone cittern. If you have an interest in Celtic music, don't miss this one!

Forest Green - Christmas Concert

Cordelia Brown (Celtic harp, violin) & Larry Carter (guitar, piano, guittern) - traditional and contemporary seasonal songs for Christmas, Winter Solstice, New Year, etc. Material typically ranges from 12th century carols or traditional English folk songs to contemporary folk and original material.

Allen Macfarlane

Allen is an excellent hammered dulcimer and mountain dulcimer player, including being a recent Kansas State Champion. He has been performing, teaching and organizing music gatherings throughout the Midwest for more than 20 years, and is currently on the staff at Americana Music Academy.

Three Bean Salad

This band was a big hit when they played here this summer, and it's a pleasure to have them return. They play a blend of traditional Celtic and New England contradance music. The trio features twin leads by Mike Black on mandolin and Dayle Dryer Black on fiddle, with solid rhythm guitar by Mike Yoder.

Bill Crahan & Scott Tichenor - Choro Music (Brazilian Folk)

Scott and Bill, two of Lawrence's most highly respected folk musicians, transport you to Brazil for an evening of "choro" music, a style of Brazilian popular music. Scott teaches mandolin at Americana Music Academy, is the author of Mel Bay's Deluxe Chord Encyclopedia, and is the internet host for www.MandolinCafe.Com. Bill regularly performs on guitar with John Lomas and others and provides the live music for "Right Between the Ears." Johnson, a choro master clarinet player, will also be joining them. Don't miss this one!

Darrell Lea & Megan Hurt

Darrell is well known as the lead guitarist in some of the best rock bands to have come out of this area over the last 20 years, and is currently in the Beatles cover band "Vera, Chuck & Dave." Megan has also performed with several area bands and is currently in Uncle Dirtytoes. The Kansas City New Times called their album "Seasons of Change" one of the year's best and commented that they "combine all kinds of country-based American idioms and old-country antecedents."

Coyote Project

The Pitch awarded "Best Folk Act" in the Kansas City area to this band some years back. Brad Boerger, Sue Malloy, and Dave Leach performed original music that featured three acoustic guitars and singers, plus bass, drums & keyboard. They also returned the next year to present a concert without their drummer, bassist and keyboard player. Both were outstanding concerts!

Barry Barnes - Rap Poetry & Percussion

Barry's energetic poetry raps promote social justice, environmental awareness and political responsibility. From a feature article in The Lawrencian: "Barry Barnes, also known as bbobb, is a poet, performance artist, percussionist, blue collar worker and very lucky MOOsician who gets to play with the Bopophonics, Uncle Dirtytoes, and Billy Eberling and the Late for Dinner Band.

Connie Dover - Poetry

Connie, well-known as one of the finest Celtic singer/songwriters in the world, is also making a name for herself as a poet. We are honored that she chose this venue for the Lawrence release of her first book of poetry, Winter Count. She shared the evening with rap poet Barry Barnes.

Heebie Jeebies

Rick Frydman, Debbie Goldberg, Steve Rosenberg and Mike Carrigan present eclectic folk music, including covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, Woody Guthrie, Beatles and original Rick Frydman songs.

Karl Ramberg

Karl performs on a wide variety of instruments - piano, cello, guitar, bass, percussion, and more. His improvisations and compositions have a free-form jazz influence. His current interest is using a sound loop machine to layer instruments one by one to create a rich, fully orchestrated one-man band. It's always a treat when we can get Karl to come out of his music studio and perform in public.

Natalie Cox

Natalie is a singer/songwriter who has been performing throughout the Midwest for many years. Her themes include environmental concerns, social justice (including Native American rights and opposing violence against women), and just plain fun. As one reviewer said, "..., with her powerful vocals, she reminds me of the great singer/songwriter Buffy Saint-Marie. There is a good mix of serious, fun, folk, blues and alternative,..., all done with plenty of soul.”

Storyteller Night
Priscilla Howe
and Larry Carter

Although appropriate for all ages, tonight's stories are mainly for adults. Priscilla is the only storyteller in this area who actually earns her living from her craft, a fact that speaks very highly regarding her skill as a storyteller. Larry combines traditional and original stories with music in the tradition of a Celtic bard. Folk tales, original stories, Celtic ballads and more! Storytelling at it's finest!

Zydeco Tougeaux - Zydeco music

Zydeco music in Lawrence??? You bet!!! Tommee Sherwood (button accordion), Dalton (guitar) and Barry Barnes (washboard percussion) serve up authentic, high-energy music. Don't miss this Louisiana-flavored, Cajun-stomping treat!

Nathan Wolf & Friends

Nathan, of the Nathan Wolf Project working out of Las Vegas, is temporarily living in the Lawrence area. The Las Vegas magazine City Life termed him "a soulful singer on the rise." Material includes original interpretations of songs by artists such as Neil Young, the Waterboys, and the Beatles. Acompanying musicians include Cindy Novelo on 5-string viola, Mark von Schlemmer on bass and Larry Carter on guitar or piano.

Josephine Michener

Josephine is one of the hottest young bluegrass & Celtic fiddlers in this area. She is also one of the few fiddlers skilled enough to perform solo, (which is, of course, the best way to appreciate the subtle ornaments of traditional-style playing). She has been a finalist in the Kansas Fiddling & Picking Contest and regularly performs in two bluegrass bands, "Shyster Mt. Gang" and "Loose Gravel." Larry Carter will accompany her for most of the concert on guitar or piano.

Jennifer Bryant- From Johnny Cash to Russian folk songs to classical violin!

Jennifer is an extraordinary violinist who studied at Meadowmount School of Music and Tanglewood Music Center and has performed with a wide variety of ensembles and orchestras throughout the United States. She has been a frequent guest in this "Tuesday Concert" series, sitting in with Lisa Sandell and Forest Green. Joined by musicians Lance Fahy and Bob Garrett, Jennifer plans a VERY eclectic mix of classical and folk for celebrating Valentine's week with the violin.

Mark Gottschall

Mark is a singer/songwriter who moved here a while back from Austin. He has performed and recorded music in more than a dozen countries throughout the world, including on a compilation album in Spain that hit the European pop charts. His original music (in English and Spanish) often has a Latin flavor to it. In addition to his own material, Mark includes songs by contemporary artists such as Paul Simon, Patty Griffin and Richard Shindell. Larry will be joining him on accordion and piano.

Santiago, Gustavo & Javier - Brazilian & South American Folk

This trio of KU students from Paraquay is joining us for the first time. From high energy ballads to soothing love songs, they provide an authentic taste of Brazilian and traditional South American culture. Santiago Ferreira sings and plays the guitar, Gustavo Diaz plays clarinet and flute, and Javier plays guitar.

Jule Lorenzen

Oldtime fiddle. Jule draws his material from a variety of sources, including Chicago fiddler Liz Carroll, contemporary contradance tunes and traditional Appalachian fiddle tunes. Larry Carter will accompany him on guitar.

Susan Miller - Singer/Songwriter

Susan Miller is a singer/songwriter and long-time Lawrence resident. Her original compositions capture themes of love, lust, longing, humor, honor, spirituality and other aspects of the human experience. She accompanies herself on the piano, the accordion and the harmonium (a keyboard instrument from India ). This will be Susan’s first time playing for our series.

Nicolette Paige - Singer/songwriter

Nicolette is a Kansas City singer/songwriter new to our series who describes her music as a combination of folk, reggae and blues, telling true life stories about peace, struggles, love and everyday life. She has performed for the past two years at Lawrence's Art in the Park festival and recently played at the International Folk Alliance in Memphis and the SXSW (South By South-West) festival in Austin. Click HERE for a YouTube video.

Laura Lisbeth - Singer/Songwriter

Kansas City musician and artist Laura Lisbeth's first album was warmly received, with one critic calling her "a neo-folkie who knows how to follow the contemporary folk tradition" and two of her songs winning awards in national songwriter's contests. She made a big impresion during her two previous performances in our series with her sad-but-funny songs about life. She frequently performs in the Kansas City area. HERE is a YouTube video.

Paul Sprawl - Singer/songwriter (Heavy Wood? Psychedelic Roots? Americana?)

Paul, a recent addition to the Lawrence music scene, is one of the best solo acoustic guitarists I have ever heard. He combines percussive guitar techniques with bottleneck, tapping, harmonica and a baritone voice as his songs tell stories of politics, love and romance, the down-trodden, and the interesting lives of those he meets all over the world. After eight albums and and shows in almost every state plus Canada and Germany, he is checking out living in Lawrence. You REALLY shouldn't miss this one to encourage him to stay. HERE is a YouTube video.

Dave Owens - Singer/songwriter

Dave, a Knoxville singer/songwriter who is moving to Kansas, is new to our series. He has been featured on several live radio broadcasts there, including recently on WDVX's Blue Plate Special. Check back soon for more information and go HERE for a video.

TJ Zark - Singer/songwriter

TJ is new to our series, recently moving to the Lawrence area. She describes her music as being gritty and poetic like the Sandhills where she grew up. Her rich voice and emotional lyrics weave stories of love, loss, hope and the daily dance of life.

Ann Zimmerman - Contemporary folk

It is a special treat for us that Ann, one of the best known Kansas folksingers, is coming in from Salina for this series. Her music celebrates the joy, sorrow, grandeur and silliness of life, especially life on the windy plains. She backs her rich voice with piano, guitar and the audience itself. Singer magazine says of her, “She has the ability to seamlessly blend humor and sadness in that unique way that makes you want for more.” This is a rare opportunity to hear Ann in Lawrence, so come out to support her.

Melek Taus Ensemble - Original world music

This Kansas City band draws inspiration for it's original compositions from all around the world, from the mysterious and mystic to the passionate and compassionate. Members, all of whom are classically trained, include Nick Baker (percussion), Joe Gameson (guitar), Emily Tummons (oboe and recorder) and Amory Bottorff (violin). The improvisational nature of their music means the audience presence changes the sound, so join the composition and accept the Melek Taus Ensemble's invitation to participate in what they term "a performance of cosmic proportions and trancendental experience."

Smidireens - Traditional Celtic

This Kansas City Celtic pick-up band features some of the best Celtic musicians in the Midwest. Members includes Mike Dugger (button accordion, guitar, vocals), Gordon Bearss (guitar, mandolin, cittern), Donna Brown (fiddle), David Agee (guitar, fiddle, tenor banjo, vocals) and Willy Peterson (bodhran). Expect energetic reels & jigs and lovely ballads. If you like traditional Irish and Scottish music, don't miss this one.

Lucas Westcott - Singer/Songwriter

Lucas, a singer/songwriter from Illinois, is new to our series. He has played with a variety of bands ranging stylistically from rock to Japanese pop and has engineered more than 15 live and studio albums. His original songs range from acoustic blues and folk to twangy country. As an interesting sidenote, if you visit Abraham Lincoln's log cabin in Illinois this summer, Lucas will probably be your tour guide.

Chris Gregory

Chris is a singer/songwriter from Tucson, Arizona who is passing through this area. He has performed at a variety of folk festivals around the country, including receiving honors from Nashville's Music City Song Festival. His original songs are about love and connecting with the creative spirit.

Teresa Storch

Boston singer/songwriter Teresa Storch is passing through Lawrence. Her music has been described as a "bounding folk rock sound...mesmerizing vocal riffs" by Boston's Metronome Magazine and "Vega/Merchant-esque vocals...funky guitar work... fabulously catchy folk-genre'd tunes" by Boston Girl Guide. She has earned honorable mention in the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriter's Showcase Competition and was selected as part of the “Boston’s Best Singer/Songwriters Showcase" in 2003.

Geoff Koch

St Louis singer/songwriter Geoff Koch recently won the "People’s Choice Award for Best Singer-Songwriter" at the St. Louis Music Awards. He’s also garnered honors, awards and kudos from The Recording Academy, International Songwriting Competition and Billboard magazine’s "Worldwide Songwriting Competition." As one reviewer put it, "Through Geoff’s accessible yet poetic lyrics, we, too, are able to slow down, take time to reflect and to see the beauty in every day." He plays guitar, keyboard and harmonica.

Jim Abel - Singer/songwriter

Jim is a Kansas City singer/songwriter new to our series. He writes humorous and serious songs about love in all of its forms – the romance, the difficulties, the foibles, and the oddities. Abel plays regularly in venues across the Kansas City area and surrounding communities.

Kevin Bilchik

St. Louis singer/songwriter Kevin Bilchik is known not only for the stories he tells in his songs, but also for his earthy, smoky baritone voice. As one reviewer put it, “Kevin Bilchik has a great voice and an… undeniable modern country feel. You can tell he loves these words and means every syllable leaving his lips.”

David Hakan

David Hakan (rhymes with “bacon”) has been one of Kansas City’s best known singer/songwriters since co-founding the Songwriters Circle of Kansas City in 1992. If you heard him open for Bill Staines in Kansas City or when Tracy Grammar and the late Dave Carter performed in Lawrence, you know his songs tell great stories. One reviewer of his third album said, “His writing embodies all that I know about folk music - I hear Tom Paxton, John Denver, Bob Dylan, and the echoes of others all made new.”

Lisa Sandell - Singer / Songwriter / Slide Guitar

Lisa is a Kansas City singer/songwriter whose voice, songwriting and standard guitar playing skills are finely honed. She is best known, however, for her clean yet sassy slide guitar playing. As one reviewer said of her first album, "Sandell...can...send a steel slide intuitively to its steel-string mark with the gentle grace that a Zen archer lets off his arrow to the bullseye." Jennifer Bryan will be joining her on violin.

Hazel Whyte

Scottish singer/songwriter Hazel Whyte combines Scottish ballads and traditional Celtic music with contemporary folk. A native of Scotland, she has performed throughout much of Europe, Asia, Australia and the Virgin Islands. She currently lives in Kansas City. As she puts it, "Scottish music... can thrill the soul, delight the senses, tell tales of disaster and intrigue, speak of unrequited love or lands that are lost now. Scottish music is as unique and diverse as the people and land that gave it birth."

Laura Lisbeth - Singer/Songwriter

Kansas City musician and artist Laura Lisbeth is new to our series. Her first album was warmly received, with one critic calling her "a neo-folkie who knows how to follow the contemporary folk tradition" and two of her songs winning awards in national songwriter's contests. She frequently performs in the Kansas City area, including hosting the monthly Songwriters Night in Parkville, Missouri.

Kirk Vernon - Contemporary Folk-Country-Americana

Kirk is new to our series. A singer/songwriter from Ozawkie, KS (and detective sergeant with the Jefferson County Sheriff‘s Department), Kirk's excellent CD features strong vocals backed by instrumental contributions from several well-known musicians from the Lawrence area. His original songs have a contemporary folk and country music sound.

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