Tuesday Concert Performer Details

17 Years And Still Going Strong!

1) Welcome, and thanks for wanting to play in the series. The concert starts at 7:00 SHARP with introductions and a one song opening act by me. You will play until 8:15ish. Please do not dismiss the audience as I need to come back up at the end to promote the next show and encourage people to donate to your tip jar. We need to have everything packed up and out the door by 9:00.

2) This series is for Lawrence-area performers ONLY (defined as at least one band member is a Lawrence resident). The spring series usually runs from the first Tuesday in March until the Tuesday before Memorial Day weekend. The fall series usually runs from the first Tuesday after Labor Day to the last available Tuesday before Christmas. Some dates, however, will not be available due to another event at the Lawrence Arts Center. I usually start actively scheduling about a month before the first date of the series, although it is possible to reserve a specific date before then. Email me if you want to reserve a particular date or if you want to make sure I know you are interested.

3) If you are new to the series, I need a 3-4 sentence description of what you'll be doing (including names and instruments) and a picture before the first show of the season. If you have performed here before, I will use your previous photos and descriptions unless you indicate otherwise.

4) Please be aware that, if you want to play in this series, You are agreeing to recruit your audience. There are only a few regulars who show up because they want something to do on a Tuesday night. Most audience members will be there because YOU invited them. If you send out an email or social media announcement (recommended) please include a link to the www.TuesdayConcert.Com website for further details. I will do the basic promotion by making a Facebook event page, unless you want to create it yourself. I generally post this event page a week or two before your concert.

5) As you send out announcements, remember that this is NOT a Lawrence Arts Center production and should not be advertised as such. I started the series at a downtown coffee shop and moved it here when we outgrew that space. The LAC graciously agreed to let me use their space, chairs and electricity, but that's about it. This is a Lawrence Old Guard Production and they let me use their lobby as a guest production.

6) You can start setting up any time after 6:00. The best place is with your backs to the glass windows. If needed, I can bring in my speaker and board if you'll bring mics with stands & cables. The LAC doesn't provide anything except chairs and electricity, so DO NOT assume I will just show up with a sound system unless we made that arrangement at least a week in advance. Please don't turn the volume up WAY high as there are various rehearsals and classes happening throughout the building and they have first priority. It took some serious lobbying for me to convince the LAC to let me use this space for free every week, so we really can't jeopardize their generosity.

7) I will arrive at around 6:00 to set up chairs. Due to fire codes, we MUST keep an aisle open at the back of the room (opposite the glass windows), leading to the doors, and going up the stairs. This is not negotiable. If people move chairs into those areas, I will have to (politely) ask them to move.

Questions? Message or phone - 785-841-8473. I look forward to hearing your performance.

Larry Carter
Lawrence Old Guard Productions

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