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August 15, 2020
Wedding, Circle S Ranch, McLouth, KS

Forest Green, Lawrence Scottish Fest
From the DVD "Scots on the Kaw" 2010

We performed this version of the traditional Scottish tune "Wild Mountain Thyme"
right after Cordelia sang a lovely version of Robert Burns' "My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose."

Forest Green at Lawrence Scottish Fest
From the DVD "Scots on the Kaw" 2010

"Jean Wallace" and "The Dance of the Mountain Maid"

Jean Wallace was a Scottish Seer who in 1892 built a cabin in the Ozarks at a place we now call Roaring River State Park in Southwest Missouri. She had the gift of Second Sight, the ability to see into a person's future, and there are many stories of how she used that gift to help others. Click HERE for a brief summary of her life, including pictures and stories. These two songs are from "Roaring River Suite" by Larry Carter.

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