Hangin' with Dougie

Scottish musician Dougie MacLean has long been recognized as one of the great singers/songwriters of our times. I started performing his songs about ten years ago, and Cordelia and I currently include his music in many of our concerts.

It was very exciting, then, when we heard he was going to perform at the Lawrence Arts Center.

It was even more exciting when Bob McWilliams asked if Cordelia and I would drive Dougie to the Kansas City airport the next day. With that as an introduction, after his Saturday concert at the Lawrence Arts Center, we went to Free State Brewery with Dougie where we joined others in sampling the local brews and lamenting the world's problems.

The next morning we picked him up from the Eldridge Hotel and drove him to KC International where his plane left at noon. Dougie has many diverse interests, and along the way he talked about old tractors, scythes, old-style farming, what he attempts to achieve through his music, his earliest experiences in The Tannahill Weavers, recording his first album in his living room (listen for the tractor outside), Gerald Trimble, Johnny Cunningham, ancient stone circles, how to tie a knot in a guitar string if it breaks on stage, and more.

Thanks to Bob McWilliams for bringing Dougie to Lawrence and inviting us to meet him.

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